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Absenteeism in the Utah legislature, 2015

During each year's 45-day legislative session, legislators cast hundreds of floor votes. That means they have 100s of opportunities to miss votes. But some legislators miss far more votes than others. In the table below, I have listed the percent of floor votes that each legislator missed in 2015. I have listed the total number of votes cast each year in the top row. (Remember that the number of votes will be higher than the number of bills, since a bill must survive several votes to become a law.) Enjoy.

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The data

Legislator Party Year Chamber # missed votes # votes held % missed votes
Adams, J. StuartR2015Senate33495135.1%
Anderegg, Jacob L.R2015House10069914.3%
Anderson, JohnnyR2015House366995.2%
Arent, Patrice M.D2015House206992.9%
Barlow, StewartR2015House396995.6%
Bramble, Curtis S.R2015Senate15995116.7%
Briscoe, Joel K.D2015House176992.4%
Brown, Melvin R.R2015House526997.4%
Chavez-Houck, RebeccaD2015House196992.7%
Chew, Scott H.R2015House96991.3%
Christensen, Allen M.R2015Senate10295110.7%
Christensen, LaVarR2015House7869911.2%
Christofferson, Kay J.R2015House56990.7%
Coleman, KimR2015House306994.3%
Cox, Fred C.R2015House126991.7%
Cox, JonR2015House186992.6%
Cunningham, RichR2015House446996.3%
Cutler, Bruce R.R2015House136991.9%
Dabakis, JimD2015Senate16895117.7%
Davis, GeneD2015Senate9895110.3%
Daw, Bradley M.R2015House196992.7%
Dayton, MargaretR2015Senate439514.5%
Dee, Brad L.R2015House17069924.3%
DiCaro, Sophia M.R2015House16990.1%
Draxler, Jack R.R2015House376995.3%
Duckworth, SusanD2015House466996.6%
Dunnigan, James A.R2015House10269914.6%
Edwards, Rebecca P.R2015House406995.7%
Eliason, SteveR2015House156992.1%
Escamilla, Luz RoblesD2015Senate9595110.0%
Fawson, Justin L.R2015House216993.0%
Froerer, GageR2015House136991.9%
Gibson, Francis D.R2015House12069917.2%
Greene, Brian M.R2015House486996.9%
Grover, KeithR2015House576998.2%
Hall, CraigR2015House236993.3%
Handy, Stephen G.R2015House76991.0%
Harper, Wayne A.R2015Senate319513.3%
Hawkes, Timothy D.R2015House106991.4%
Henderson, Deidre M.R2015Senate539515.6%
Hillyard, Lyle W.R2015Senate19895120.8%
Hinkins, David P.R2015Senate689517.2%
Hollins, SandraD2015House46990.6%
Hughes, Gregory H.R2015House25769936.8%
Hutchings, Eric K.R2015House7369910.4%
Ipson, Don L.R2015House306994.3%
Ivory, KenR2015House516997.3%
Iwamoto, JaniD2015Senate449514.6%
Jackson, Alvin B.R2015Senate10695111.1%
Jenkins, Scott K.R2015Senate909519.5%
Kennedy, Michael S.R2015House126991.7%
King, BradD2015House116991.6%
King, Brian S.D2015House486996.9%
Knotwell, JohnR2015House366995.2%
Knudson, Peter C.R2015Senate369513.8%
Last, Bradley G.R2015House346994.9%
Lifferth, David E.R2015House286994.0%
Madsen, Mark B.R2015Senate27295128.6%
Mayne, KarenD2015Senate519515.4%
McCay, DanielR2015House556997.9%
McIff, Kay L.R2015House12169917.3%
McKell, Mike K.R2015House426996.0%
Miller, Justin J.D2015House96991.3%
Millner, AnnR2015Senate829518.6%
Moss, Carol SpackmanD2015House136991.9%
Nelson, Merrill F.R2015House416995.9%
Niederhauser, Wayne L.R2015Senate16495117.2%
Noel, Michael E.R2015House8369911.9%
Oda, CurtisR2015House246993.4%
Okerlund, RalphR2015Senate339513.5%
Osmond, AaronR2015Senate9895110.3%
Perry, Lee B.R2015House576998.2%
Peterson, Jeremy A.R2015House246993.4%
Peterson, Val L.R2015House56990.7%
Pitcher, Dixon M.R2015House11569916.5%
Poulson, Marie H.D2015House116991.6%
Powell, KraigR2015House286994.0%
Ray, PaulR2015House10869915.5%
Redd, Edward H.R2015House406995.7%
Roberts, Marc K.R2015House496997.0%
Romero, AngelaD2015House96991.3%
Sagers, DouglasR2015House546997.7%
Sandall, Scott D.R2015House126991.7%
Sanpei, DeanR2015House13869919.7%
Schultz, MikeR2015House126991.7%
Shiozawa, Brian E.R2015Senate689517.2%
Snow, V. LowryR2015House686999.7%
Spendlove, Robert M.R2015House146992.0%
Stanard, Jon E.R2015House376995.3%
Stephenson, Howard A.R2015Senate13995114.6%
Stevenson, Jerry W.R2015Senate21295122.3%
Stratton, Keven J.R2015House286994.0%
Tanner, Earl D.R2015House156992.1%
Thatcher, Daniel W.R2015Senate10595111.0%
Thurston, Norman K.R2015House86991.1%
Urquhart, Stephen H.R2015Senate20795121.8%
Van Tassell, Kevin T.R2015Senate899519.4%
Vickers, Evan J.R2015Senate459514.7%
Ward, Raymond P.R2015House136991.9%
Webb, R. CurtR2015House7969911.3%
Weiler, ToddR2015Senate419514.3%
Westwood, John R.R2015House66990.9%
Wheatley, Mark A.D2015House546997.7%
Wilson, Brad R.R2015House10569915.0%