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"Nay" votes in the Utah legislature, 2011

During each year's 45-day legislative session, legislators cast hundreds of floor votes. Most things pass by overwhelming majorities. That's not surprising. Many unpopular bills die or get amended in committee, limiting the number of controversial bills that reach the floor. And legislators hear bills at such a breathtaking pace, spending only 2-4 minutes discussing a typical bill before voting on it, that many vote "aye" simply because they have not had the chance to discover flaws in the bill (read more here).

Of course, some legislators vote "nay" far more often than others. Oddly, in most years, it is members of the majority party, not the minority, who cast the most "nay" votes—even as other members of the majority cast the fewest. Just for fun, I list the percent of floor votes that each legislator voted "nay" on in 2011.

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The data

Legislator Party Year Chamber # nay votes # votes held % nay votes
Adams, J. StuartR2011Senate89400.9%
Anderson, JohnnyR2011House6965110.6%
Arent, Patrice M.D2011House9565114.6%
Barrus, Roger E.R2011House356515.4%
Bird, JimR2011House9765114.9%
Biskupski, JackieD2011House11165117.1%
Bramble, Curtis S.R2011Senate89400.9%
Briscoe, Joel K.D2011House11865118.1%
Brown, Derek E.R2011House376515.7%
Brown, Melvin R.R2011House196512.9%
Buttars, D. ChrisR2011Senate219402.2%
Butterfield, David G.R2011House436516.6%
Chavez-Houck, RebeccaD2011House12365118.9%
Christensen, Allen M.R2011Senate229402.3%
Christensen, LaVarR2011House386515.8%
Clark, DavidR2011House466517.1%
Cosgrove, Tim M.D2011House9565114.6%
Cox, Fred C.R2011House536518.1%
Davis, GeneD2011Senate619406.5%
Daw, Bradley M.R2011House466517.1%
Dayton, MargaretR2011Senate549405.7%
Dee, Brad L.R2011House396516.0%
Dougall, JohnR2011House12765119.5%
Draxler, Jack R.R2011House296514.5%
Duckworth, SusanD2011House7065110.8%
Dunnigan, James A.R2011House496517.5%
Edwards, Rebecca P.R2011House466517.1%
Eliason, SteveR2011House276514.1%
Escamilla, Luz RoblesD2011Senate839408.8%
Fisher, Janice M.D2011House9365114.3%
Fisher, JulieR2011House366515.5%
Froerer, GageR2011House346515.2%
Galvez, Brad J.R2011House296514.5%
Gibson, Francis D.R2011House6565110.0%
Greenwood, Richard A.R2011House7165110.9%
Grover, KeithR2011House386515.8%
Handy, Stephen G.R2011House276514.1%
Harper, Wayne A.R2011House496517.5%
Hemingway, Lynn N.D2011House8965113.7%
Hendrickson, Neal B.D2011House7065110.8%
Herrod, Christopher N.R2011House356515.4%
Hillyard, Lyle W.R2011Senate209402.1%
Hinkins, David P.R2011Senate169401.7%
Hughes, Gregory H.R2011House186512.8%
Hutchings, Eric K.R2011House246513.7%
Ipson, Don L.R2011House176512.6%
Ivory, KenR2011House406516.1%
Jenkins, Scott K.R2011Senate329403.4%
Jones, Patricia W.D2011Senate629406.6%
King, Brian S.D2011House9465114.4%
Kiser, Todd E.R2011House276514.1%
Knudson, Peter C.R2011Senate159401.6%
Last, Bradley G.R2011House336515.1%
Liljenquist, Daniel R.R2011Senate149401.5%
Litvack, DavidD2011House8065112.3%
Lockhart, Rebecca D.R2011House376515.7%
Madsen, Mark B.R2011Senate149401.5%
Mathis, John G.R2011House566518.6%
Mayne, KarenD2011Senate519405.4%
McAdams, Benjamin M.D2011Senate749407.9%
McIff, Kay L.R2011House276514.1%
Menlove, Ronda RuddR2011House456516.9%
Morgan, Karen W.D2011Senate629406.6%
Morley, Michael T.R2011House8665113.2%
Moss, Carol SpackmanD2011House9665114.7%
Newbold, Merlynn T.R2011House496517.5%
Niederhauser, Wayne L.R2011Senate109401.1%
Nielson, JimR2011House466517.1%
Noel, Michael E.R2011House306514.6%
Oda, CurtisR2011House406516.1%
Okerlund, RalphR2011Senate139401.4%
Painter, PatrickR2011House256513.8%
Perry, Lee B.R2011House356515.4%
Peterson, Jeremy A.R2011House246513.7%
Peterson, Val L.R2011House596519.1%
Pitcher, Dixon M.R2011House296514.5%
Poulson, Marie H.D2011House6965110.6%
Powell, KraigR2011House296514.5%
Ray, PaulR2011House396516.0%
Reid, Stuart C.R2011Senate139401.4%
Richardson, Holly J.R2011House436127.0%
Romero, Ross I.D2011Senate10294010.9%
Sagers, DouglasR2011House316514.8%
Sandstrom, Stephen E.R2011House506517.7%
Sanpei, DeanR2011House266514.0%
Seelig, Jennifer M.D2011House8365112.7%
Stephenson, Howard A.R2011Senate309403.2%
Stevenson, Jerry W.R2011Senate179401.8%
Stowell, Dennis E.R2011Senate149401.5%
Sumsion, Kenneth W.R2011House10265115.7%
Thatcher, Daniel W.R2011Senate209402.1%
Urquhart, Stephen H.R2011Senate259402.7%
Valentine, John L.R2011Senate279402.9%
Van Tassell, Kevin T.R2011Senate139401.4%
Vickers, Evan J.R2011House276514.1%
Waddoups, Michael G.R2011Senate229402.3%
Watkins, Christine F.D2011House8165112.4%
Webb, R. CurtR2011House266514.0%
Wheatley, Mark A.D2011House10265115.7%
Wilcox, Ryan D.R2011House606519.2%
Wiley, Larry B.D2011House8765113.4%
Wilson, Brad R.R2011House276514.1%
Wimmer, CarlR2011House11565117.7%
Wright, BillR2011House536518.1%