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"Nay" votes in the Utah legislature, 2007

During each year's 45-day legislative session, legislators cast hundreds of floor votes. Most of those votes pass by overwhelming majorities. That's not surprising; unpopular bills die in committee, so the only bills that make it to the floor are those that have support.

Some legislatoves vote "nay" far more often than others. Voting "nay" is strongly correlated with partisanship, since most bills that make it out of committee reflect the majority party's values more than the minority's. Just for fun, I have listed the percent of floor votes that each legislator voted "nay" on in 2007. I have also listed the total number of votes held. (Remember that the number of votes will be higher than the number of bills, since a bill must survive several votes to become a law.) Enjoy.

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The data

Legislator Party Year Chamber # nay votes # votes held % nay votes
Aagard, Douglas C.R2007House216023.5%
Allen, Sheryl L.R2007House446027.3%
Andersen, Sylvia S.R2007House116021.8%
Barrus, Roger E.R2007House266024.3%
Becker, RalphD2007House7560212.5%
Bell, Gregory S.R2007Senate358204.3%
Bigelow, RonR2007House306025.0%
Bird, JimR2007House486028.0%
Biskupski, JackieD2007House7960213.1%
Bowman, DeMar BudR2007House216023.5%
Bramble, Curtis S.R2007Senate78200.9%
Brown, Melvin R.R2007House286024.7%
Buttars, D. ChrisR2007Senate248202.9%
Buxton, D. GreggR2007House286024.7%
Christensen, Allen M.R2007Senate148201.7%
Clark, DavidR2007House256024.2%
Clark, Stephen D.R2007House266024.3%
Cosgrove, Tim M.D2007House586029.6%
Curtis, Greg J.R2007House216023.5%
Davis, GeneD2007Senate338204.0%
Daw, Bradley M.R2007House436027.1%
Dayton, MargaretR2007Senate728208.8%
Dee, Brad L.R2007House286024.7%
Dmitrich, MikeD2007Senate328203.9%
Donnelson, Glenn A.R2007House246024.0%
Dougall, JohnR2007House6460210.6%
Draxler, Jack R.R2007House306025.0%
Duckworth, Carl W.D2007House6160210.1%
Dunnigan, James A.R2007House416026.8%
Eastman, Dan R.R2007Senate128201.5%
Ferry, Ben C.R2007House396026.5%
Fife, Fred J.D2007Senate458205.5%
Fisher, Janice M.D2007House6760211.1%
Fisher, JulieR2007House366026.0%
Fowlke, Lorie D.R2007House416026.8%
Frank, Craig A.R2007House496028.1%
Froerer, GageR2007House166022.7%
Garn, Kevin S.R2007House266024.3%
Gibson, Kerry W.R2007House316025.1%
Goodfellow, Brent H.D2007Senate458205.5%
Gowans, James R.D2007House7360212.1%
Greiner, Jon J.R2007Senate408204.9%
Grover, KeithR2007House306025.0%
Hansen, Neil A.D2007House8560214.1%
Harper, Wayne A.R2007House476027.8%
Hemingway, Lynn N.D2007House6360210.5%
Hendrickson, Neal B.D2007House7860213.0%
Herrod, Christopher N.R2007House376026.1%
Hickman, John W.R2007Senate318203.8%
Hillyard, Lyle W.R2007Senate298203.5%
Holdaway, Kory M.R2007House466027.6%
Hughes, Gregory H.R2007House306025.0%
Hunsaker, Fred RR2007House336025.5%
Hutchings, Eric K.R2007House266024.3%
Jenkins, Scott K.R2007Senate638207.7%
Johnson, Christine A.D2007House8460214.0%
Jones, Patricia W.D2007Senate448205.4%
Killpack, Sheldon L.R2007Senate118201.3%
King, BradD2007House596029.8%
Kiser, Todd E.R2007House376026.1%
Knudson, Peter C.R2007Senate78200.9%
Last, Bradley G.R2007House356025.8%
Litvack, DavidD2007House7960213.1%
Lockhart, Rebecca D.R2007House336025.5%
Madsen, Mark B.R2007Senate458205.5%
Mascaro, Steven R.R2007House356025.8%
Mathis, John G.R2007House396026.5%
Mayne, EdD2007Senate448205.4%
McCoy, Scott D.D2007Senate768209.3%
McGee, Rosalind J.D2007House8160213.5%
McIff, Kay L.R2007House366026.0%
Menlove, Ronda RuddR2007House426027.0%
Morgan, Karen W.D2007House456027.5%
Morley, Michael T.R2007House6660211.0%
Moss, Carol SpackmanD2007House586029.6%
Neuenschwander, Paul A.R2007House316025.1%
Newbold, Merlynn T.R2007House526028.6%
Niederhauser, Wayne L.R2007Senate168202.0%
Noel, Michael E.R2007House236023.8%
Oda, CurtisR2007House316025.1%
Painter, PatrickR2007House176022.8%
Peterson, Darin G.R2007Senate228202.7%
Ray, PaulR2007House246024.0%
Riesen, PhilD2007House7360212.1%
Romero, Ross I.D2007Senate658207.9%
Sandstrom, Stephen E.R2007House546029.0%
Seelig, Jennifer M.D2007House7060211.6%
Shurtliff, LaWanna LouD2007House546029.0%
Snow, Gordon E.R2007House356025.8%
Stephenson, Howard A.R2007Senate448205.4%
Stowell, Dennis E.R2007Senate258203.0%
Sumsion, Kenneth W.R2007House406026.6%
Tilton, AaronR2007House466027.6%
Urquhart, Stephen H.R2007House186023.0%
Valentine, John L.R2007Senate198202.3%
Van Tassell, Kevin T.R2007Senate288203.4%
Waddoups, Michael G.R2007Senate298203.5%
Walker, Carlene M.R2007Senate68200.7%
Walker, Mark W.R2007House156022.5%
Wheatley, Mark A.D2007House6860211.3%
Wheeler, Richard W.R2007House266024.3%
Wiley, Larry B.D2007House7660212.6%
Wimmer, CarlR2007House526028.6%
Wyatt, Scott LR2007House406026.6%