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Moore: Social origins of dictatorship and democracy

Disclaimer. Don't rely on these old notes in lieu of reading the literature, but they can jog your memory. As a grad student long ago, my peers and I collaborated to write and exchange summaries of political science research. I posted them to a wiki-style website. "Wikisum" is now dead but archived here. I cannot vouch for these notes' accuracy, nor can I say who wrote them.

Moore. 1967. Social origins of dictatorship and democracy: Lord and peasant in the making of the modern world. Boston: Beacon Press.

Conditions for the development of western-style democracy (through a "bourgeois revolution"): (1) The "development of a balance to avoid too strong a crown or too independent a landed aristocracy"; (2) a shifts toward "an appropriate form of commercial agriculture"; (3) a "weakening of the landed aristocracy"; (4) the "prevention of an aristocratic-bourgeois coaliton against the peasants and workers" [which would lead to fascism]; (5) a "revolutionary break with the past" (430-431).

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