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WordPress hook directory

Important warning about variable hooks

Some hooks have variables in their names. For example, pre_${taxonomy}_$field and admin_head- both have variable names. In general, any hook that ends (or begins) with - or _, or contains a $, has a variable name. Since the syntax with which these variables are defined may change from version to version, this page may think that a hook is deprecated (or new) even if it is not. You can usually catch this sort of thing by comparing this hook to the list of "related hooks" below.

Former names for get_{$adjacent}_post_where

This is a variable hook. Because its name contains some variables, this hook might actually refer to several different possible hooks.

This variable hook replaces the following non-variable hooks found in earlier versions of WP. You may want to read up on these older hooks to get a better idea of what this variable hook can do.

Replaced Hook Version when Changed Information about Hook
get_next_post_where2.5In function get_next_post (which finds the post after the currently-displayed post), applied to the SQL WHERE clause (which normally looks for the next dated published post). Filter function arguments: WHERE clause, stay in same category (true/false), list of excluded categories. Sources: [1] and [2]

WordPress version history for get_{$adjacent}_post_where

This database has information for all major versions from WP 1.2.1 through 3.9.

Version File Line Type
2.5 wp-includes/link-template.php 567 View hook in source filter
2.6 wp-includes/link-template.php 579 View hook in source filter
2.7 wp-includes/link-template.php 897 View hook in source filter
2.8 wp-includes/link-template.php 902 View hook in source filter
2.9 wp-includes/link-template.php 959 View hook in source filter
3.0 wp-includes/link-template.php 1038 View hook in source filter
3.1 wp-includes/link-template.php 1135 View hook in source filter
3.2 wp-includes/link-template.php 1137 View hook in source filter
3.3 wp-includes/link-template.php 1148 View hook in source filter
3.4 wp-includes/link-template.php 1145 View hook in source filter
3.5 wp-includes/link-template.php 1174 View hook in source filter
3.6 wp-includes/link-template.php 1177 View hook in source filter
3.7 wp-includes/link-template.php 1179 View hook in source filter
3.8 wp-includes/link-template.php 1183 View hook in source filter
3.9 wp-includes/link-template.php 1542 View hook in source filter

Related Hooks

We find related hooks using word stems. get_{$adjacent}_post_where has 3 significant word stem(s): adjacent, post, where. Note that some of the hooks below may not appear in all versions of WP.