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Deprecated plugin hooks in WordPress 3.0

The following hooks occured in but do not occur in 3.0. Note that some of them may have been renamed, not removed. See below.

Important! Some WordPress hooks get applied in multiple PHP files. If you are trying to figure out what a specific WordPress hook does, sort the table by "hook" and make sure you are looking in all the files where it occurs.

  • To sort the table, click on a column title.
  • Click a hook name to see details about the hook.
  • Click a file name to see only hooks used in that file.
Hook Type Renamed?
1 active_plugins filter DEPRECATED
2 add_option_{$name} note action DEPRECATED
3 add_site_option_{$key} note action DEPRECATED
4 all_options filter DEPRECATED
5 audio_upload_iframe_src filter DEPRECATED
6 autosave_generate_nonces action DEPRECATED
7 cat_row_actions filter DEPRECATED
8 codepress_supported_langs filter DEPRECATED
9 delete_site_option_{$key} note action DEPRECATED
10 edit_pages_per_page filter DEPRECATED
11 embed_polldaddy filter DEPRECATED
12 image_upload_iframe_src filter DEPRECATED
13 import_allow_create_users filter DEPRECATED
14 import_allow_fetch_attachments filter DEPRECATED
15 import_attachment_size_limit filter DEPRECATED
16 import_done action DEPRECATED
17 import_end action DEPRECATED
18 import_post_added action DEPRECATED
19 import_post_meta action DEPRECATED
20 import_post_meta_key filter DEPRECATED
21 import_start action DEPRECATED
22 kubrick_header_color filter DEPRECATED
23 kubrick_header_display filter DEPRECATED
24 kubrick_header_image filter DEPRECATED
25 manage_categories_custom_column filter DEPRECATED
26 manage_pages_query filter DEPRECATED
27 manage_{$page}_columns note filter DEPRECATED
28 option_{$setting} note filter DEPRECATED
29 page_stati filter DEPRECATED
30 post_stati filter DEPRECATED
31 pre_add_site_option_{$key} note filter DEPRECATED
32 pre_option_{$option->option_name} note filter DEPRECATED
33 pre_option_{$setting} note filter DEPRECATED
34 pre_site_option_{$key} note filter DEPRECATED
35 pre_update_option_{$option_name} note filter DEPRECATED
36 pre_update_site_option_{$key} note filter DEPRECATED
37 redirect_page_location filter DEPRECATED
38 site_option_{$key} note filter DEPRECATED
39 tag_feed_link filter DEPRECATED
40 update_option_{$option_name} note action DEPRECATED
41 update_site_option_{$key} note action DEPRECATED
42 video_upload_iframe_src filter DEPRECATED

Important warning about variable hooks

Some hooks have variables in their names. For example, pre_${taxonomy}_$field and admin_head- both have variable names. In general, any hook that ends (or begins) with - or _, or contains a $, has a variable name. Since the syntax with which these variables are defined may change from version to version, this page may think that a hook is deprecated (or new) even if it is not. You can usually catch this sort of thing by comparing this hook to the list of "related hooks" below.