Deprecated plugin hooks in WordPress 2.3

Important! Some WordPress hooks get applied in multiple PHP files. If you are trying to figure out what a specific WordPress hook does, sort the table by "hook" and make sure you are looking in all the files where it occurs.

  • To sort the table, click on a column title.
  • Click a hook name to see details about the hook.
  • Click a file name to see only hooks used in that file.
Hook Type Renamed?
1 add_category action DEPRECATED
2 category_save_pre filter Renamed: {$field_no_prefix}_save_pre
3 cat_id_filter filter DEPRECATED
4 comment_status_pre filter Renamed: {$field}_pre
5 content_filtered_save_pre filter Renamed: {$field_no_prefix}_save_pre
6 created_category action Renamed: created_{$taxonomy}
7 create_category action Renamed: create_{$taxonomy}
8 delete_category action Renamed: delete_{$taxonomy}
9 edited_category action Renamed: edited_{$taxonomy}
10 edit_category action Renamed: edit_{$taxonomy}
11 excerpt_edit_pre filter Renamed: {$field_no_prefix}_edit_pre
12 excerpt_save_pre filter Renamed: {$field_no_prefix}_save_pre
13 get_categories filter DEPRECATED
14 get_category filter Renamed: get_{$taxonomy}
15 link_description filter Renamed: pre_{$field}
16 link_rating filter Renamed: pre_{$field}
17 list_cats_exclusions filter DEPRECATED
18 name_save_pre filter Renamed: {$field_no_prefix}_save_pre
19 ping_status_pre filter Renamed: {$field}_pre
20 post_mime_type_pre filter Renamed: {$field}_pre
21 pre_category_description filter Renamed: pre_{$taxonomy}_{$field}
22 pre_category_name filter Renamed: pre_{$taxonomy}_{$field}
23 pre_link_description filter Renamed: pre_{$field}
24 pre_link_image filter Renamed: pre_{$field}
25 pre_link_name filter Renamed: pre_{$field}
26 pre_link_notes filter Renamed: pre_{$field}
27 pre_link_rel filter Renamed: pre_{$field}
28 pre_link_rss filter Renamed: pre_{$field}
29 pre_link_target filter Renamed: pre_{$field}
30 pre_link_url filter Renamed: pre_{$field}
31 publish_page action Renamed: {$new_status}_{$post->post_type}
32 publish_post action Renamed: {$new_status}_{$post->post_type}
33 status_save_pre filter Renamed: {$field_no_prefix}_save_pre
34 title_edit_pre filter Renamed: {$field_no_prefix}_edit_pre
35 title_save_pre filter Renamed: {$field_no_prefix}_save_pre