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This is a work in progress, so take it with a grain of salt. You might also be interested in my Guide to the Utah Legislature.

Amendment index by articles

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Article I. Declaration of Rights.

Proposed: 13. Enacted: 11.

Article II. State Boundaries.

No amendments.

Article III. Ordinance.

Proposed: 1. Enacted: 1.

Article IV. Elections and Right of Suffrage.

Proposed: 10. Enacted: 7.

Article V. Distribution of Powers.

No amendments.

Article VI. Legislative Department.

Proposed: 48. Enacted: 29.

Article VII. Executive Department.

Proposed: 22. Enacted: 12.

Article VIII. Judicial Department.

Proposed: 10. Enacted: 8.

Article IX. Congressional and Legislative Apportionment.

Proposed: 3. Enacted: 2.

Article X. Education.

Proposed: 21. Enacted: 16.

Article XI. Local Governments.

Proposed: 8. Enacted: 5.

Article XII. Corporations.

Proposed: 6. Enacted: 4.

Article XIII. Revenue and Taxation.

Proposed: 62. Enacted: 39.

Article XIV. Public Debt.

Proposed: 10. Enacted: 6.

Article XV. Militia.

No amendments.

Article XVI. Labor.

Proposed: 4. Enacted: 3.

Article XVII. Water Rights.

No amendments.

Article XVIII. Forestry.

No amendments.

Article XIX. Public Buildings and State Institutions. (Repealed 1988.)

Proposed: 3. Enacted: 3.

Article XX. Public Lands.

Proposed: 1. Enacted: 1.

Article XXI. Salaries. (Repealed 1992.)

Proposed: 2. Enacted: 2.

Article XXII. Miscellaneous.

Proposed: 9. Enacted: 8.

Article XXIII. Amendment and Revision.

Proposed: 1. Enacted: 1.

Article XXIV. Schedule.

No amendments.