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Deprecated plugin hooks in WordPress 3.2

The following hooks occured in but do not occur in 3.2. Note that some of them may have been renamed, not removed. See below.

Important! Some WordPress hooks get applied in multiple PHP files. If you are trying to figure out what a specific WordPress hook does, sort the table by "hook" and make sure you are looking in all the files where it occurs.

  • To sort the table, click on a column title.
  • Click a hook name to see details about the hook.
  • Click a file name to see only hooks used in that file.
Hook Type Renamed?
1 tiny_mce_preload_dialogs action DEPRECATED
2 http_transport_get_debug action DEPRECATED
3 http_transport_post_debug action DEPRECATED
4 atom_service_url filter DEPRECATED
5 use_fopen_transport filter DEPRECATED
6 use_http_extension_transport filter DEPRECATED
7 timezone_support filter DEPRECATED