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Understanding Source Code

The best way to understand what a hook does is to look at where it occurs in the source code.

  • Action hooks look like this: do_action( "hook_name" )
  • Filter hooks look like this: apply_filters( "hook_name", "what_to_filter" ).

Remember, this hook may occur in more than one file. Moreover, the hook's context may change from version to version.

Source View

Line Code
1 <?php
3 class WP_Scripts extends WP_Dependencies {
4      var $base_url; // Full URL with trailing slash
5      var $default_version;
7      function __construct() {
8           do_action_ref_array( 'wp_default_scripts', array(&$this) );
9      }
11      /**
12       * Prints scripts
13       *
14       * Prints the scripts passed to it or the print queue.  Also prints all necessary dependencies.
15       *
16       * @param mixed handles (optional) Scripts to be printed.  (void) prints queue, (string) prints that script, (array of strings) prints those scripts.
17       * @return array Scripts that have been printed