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Source View: wp_authorize_application_password_form

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Understanding Source Code

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Source View

Line Code
249                      * @param array   $request {
250                      *     The array of request data. All arguments are optional and may be empty.
251                      *
252                      *     @type string $app_name    The suggested name of the application.
253                      *     @type string $success_url The url the user will be redirected to after approving the application.
254                      *     @type string $reject_url  The url the user will be redirected to after rejecting the application.
255                      * }
256                      * @param WP_User $user The user authorizing the application.
257                      */
258                     do_action( 'wp_authorize_application_password_form', $request, $user );
259                     ?>
261                     <?php
262                     submit_button(
263                          __( 'Yes, I approve of this connection' ),
264                          'primary',
265                          'approve',
266                          false,
267                          array(