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Understanding Source Code

The best way to understand what a hook does is to look at where it occurs in the source code.

  • Action hooks look like this: do_action( "hook_name" )
  • Filter hooks look like this: apply_filters( "hook_name", "what_to_filter" ).

Remember, this hook may occur in more than one file. Moreover, the hook's context may change from version to version.

Source View

Line Code
63 <h5><?php _e('Related') ?></h5>
65 <ul>
66 <li><a href="link-manager.php"><?php _e('Manage All Links') ?></a></li>
67 <li><a href="edit-link-categories.php"><?php _e('Manage All Link Categories') ?></a></li>
68 <li><a href="link-import.php"><?php _e('Import Links') ?></a></li>
69 <?php do_action('link_relatedlinks_list'); ?>
70 </ul>
71 </div>
72 <?php do_action('submitlink_box'); ?>
73 </div>
75 <div id="post-body">
76 <div id="namediv" class="stuffbox">
77 <h3><?php _e('Name') ?></h3>
78 <div class="inside">
79      <input type="text" name="link_name" size="30" tabindex="1" value="<?php echo $link->link_name; ?>" id="link_name" /><br />
80     <?php _e('Example: Nifty blogging software'); ?>
81 </div>