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Understanding Source Code

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Source View

Line Code
2423            *             @type bool     $has_rest          Whether the `$test` property points to a REST API endpoint.
2424            *             @type bool     $skip_cron         Whether to skip this test when running as cron.
2425            *             @type callable $async_direct_test A manner of directly calling the test marked as asynchronous,
2426            *                                               as the scheduled event can not authenticate, and endpoints
2427            *                                               may require authentication.
2428            *         }
2429            *     }
2430            * }
2431            */
2432           $tests = apply_filters( 'site_status_tests', $tests );
2434           // Ensure that the filtered tests contain the required array keys.
2435           $tests = array_merge(
2436                array(
2437                     'direct' => array(),
2438                     'async'  => array(),
2439                ),
2440                $tests
2441           );