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Understanding Source Code

The best way to understand what a hook does is to look at where it occurs in the source code.

  • Action hooks look like this: do_action( "hook_name" )
  • Filter hooks look like this: apply_filters( "hook_name", "what_to_filter" ).

Remember, this hook may occur in more than one file. Moreover, the hook's context may change from version to version.

Source View

Line Code
1550      <p class="drag-drop-info"><?php _e('Drop files here'); ?></p>
1551      <p><?php _ex('or', 'Uploader: Drop files here - or - Select Files'); ?></p>
1552      <p class="drag-drop-buttons"><input id="plupload-browse-button" type="button" value="<?php esc_attr_e('Select Files'); ?>" class="button" /></p>
1553      </div>
1554 </div>
1555 <?php do_action('post-plupload-upload-ui'); // hook change, old name: 'post-flash-upload-ui' ?>
1556 </div>
1558 <div id="html-upload-ui" class="hide-if-js">
1559 <?php do_action('pre-html-upload-ui'); ?>
1560      <p id="async-upload-wrap">
1561           <label class="screen-reader-text" for="async-upload"><?php _e('Upload'); ?></label>
1562           <input type="file" name="async-upload" id="async-upload" />
1563           <?php submit_button( __( 'Upload' ), 'button', 'html-upload', false ); ?>
1564           <a href="#" onclick="try{top.tb_remove();}catch(e){}; return false;"><?php _e('Cancel'); ?></a>
1565      </p>
1566      <div class="clear"></div>
1567 <?php do_action('post-html-upload-ui'); ?>
1568 </div>