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Understanding Source Code

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Source View

Line Code
546           do_action('import_post_added', $post_id);
547           print "</li>\n";
548      }
550      function process_post_meta($post_id, $key, $value) {
551           // the filter can return false to skip a particular metadata key
552           $_key = apply_filters('import_post_meta_key', $key);
553           if ( $_key ) {
554                add_post_meta( $post_id, $_key, $value );
555                do_action('import_post_meta', $post_id, $_key, $value);
556           }
557      }
559      function process_attachment($postdata, $remote_url) {
560           if ($this->fetch_attachments and $remote_url) {
561                printf( __('Importing attachment <em>%s</em>... '), htmlspecialchars($remote_url) );
563                // If the URL is absolute, but does not contain http, upload it assuming the base_site_url variable
564                if ( preg_match('/^\/[\w\W]+$/', $remote_url) )