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Understanding Source Code

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Source View

Line Code
2838            * will be reversed for two actions added at priority 10, resulting in
2839            * the core settings no longer being available as expected to themes/plugins.
2840            * So the following manually calls the method that registers the core
2841            * settings up front before doing the action.
2842            */
2843           remove_action( 'customize_register', array( $wp_customize, 'register_controls' ) );
2844           $wp_customize->register_controls();
2846           /** This filter is documented in /wp-includes/class-wp-customize-manager.php */
2847           do_action( 'customize_register', $wp_customize );
2848      }
2849      $wp_customize->_publish_changeset_values( $changeset_post->ID ) ;
2851      /*
2852       * Trash the changeset post if revisions are not enabled. Unpublished
2853       * changesets by default get garbage collected due to the auto-draft status.
2854       * When a changeset post is published, however, it would no longer get cleaned
2855       * out. Ths is a problem when the changeset posts are never displayed anywhere,
2856       * since they would just be endlessly piling up. So here we use the revisions