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Which legislators vote together?

Select a legislator from the dropdown box and submit the form. You will see a list of all legislators that your chosen legislator served with, along with a percentage indicating how frequently each legislator voted the same way as your chosen legislator.

Caveats: Most votes in the Utah Legislature pass with near-unanimous bipartisan support (details here), so expect most percentages to be high. In calculating each percentage, I include votes from all years that the two legislators served together, but I exclude votes where one or both relevant legislators was absent.

Results for Hickman, John W. (all years)

Click table headers to sort. "Number of votes" indicates the total number of votes used in each comparison. Comparisons are not conducted with legislators who did not participate in at least 150 votes with your chosen legislator.

Legislator Number of votes Agreement rate
Bramble, Curtis S. 1003 96.0%
Valentine, John L. 1048 95.8%
Knudson, Peter C. 1190 95.5%
Walker, Carlene M. 1138 95.5%
Killpack, Sheldon L. 977 95.5%
Christensen, Allen M. 1122 95.5%
Eastman, Dan R. 1059 95.4%
Niederhauser, Wayne L. 1124 95.2%
Stowell, Dennis E. 1151 95.0%
Peterson, Darin G. 1132 94.9%
Buttars, D. Chris 958 94.8%
Jenkins, Scott K. 1156 94.5%
Waddoups, Michael G. 1167 94.3%
Hillyard, Lyle W. 1006 94.1%
Van Tassell, Kevin T. 1132 94.1%
Bell, Gregory S. 1138 93.7%
Greiner, Jon J. 1160 93.5%
Madsen, Mark B. 1094 93.2%
Dmitrich, Mike 1149 93.0%
Stephenson, Howard A. 1081 93.0%
Davis, Gene 1161 92.0%
Fife, Fred J. 1198 91.9%
Mayne, Karen 563 91.7%
Dayton, Margaret 1191 91.5%
Goodfellow, Brent H. 1171 91.4%
Mayne, Ed 604 91.1%
Jones, Patricia W. 1177 90.7%
Romero, Ross I. 1213 88.3%
McCoy, Scott D. 1139 87.6%