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Results for Spendlove, Robert M. in 2019

In 2019, this legislator voted with the majority of Rs on 95.9% of votes (overall). On party-line votes, this legislator voted with the majority of Rs on 72.5% of votes (with exceptions listed below). (You can compare these percentages to scores for all other legislators.)

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Bill (vote) Ayes - nays How most Rs voted Spendlove, Robert M.
HB0093S05 (House/ failed) -11 yes no
HB0098 (House/ passed 3rd reading) 3 no yes
HB0111S02 (House/ failed) -15 no yes
HB0148S04 (House/ passed 3rd reading) 11 no yes
HB0168 (House/ failed) -27 no yes
HB0245S03 (House/ concurs with Senate amendment) 19 yes no
HB0288S02 (House/ failed) -7 yes no
HB0295S01 (House/ passed 3rd reading) 12 no yes
HB0353 (House/ concurs with Senate amendment) 14 no yes
HB0363S01 (House/ failed) 1 no yes
HB0385S03 (House/ failed) -9 no yes
HJR016 (House/ passed 3rd reading) 23 yes no
SB0002S01 (House/ floor amendment failed # 2) -20 no yes
SB0043S02 (House/ passed 3rd reading) 9 no yes
SB0045 (House/ passed 3rd reading) 11 no yes
SB0083 (House/ failed) -22 no yes
SB0171S01 (House/ failed) 0 no yes
SB0236 (House/ passed 3rd reading) 1 yes no
SB0270 (House/ passed 3rd reading) 11 no yes