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Legislative action that proposed this amendment: SJR4 1988 General Session

Disposition: This amendment took effect following voter ratification. You may read the resulting 1989 Utah Constitution here.

Amends article 9 section 1 and article 22 section 1

Enacts article 22 section 3

Repeals article 9 section 2,4 and article 19 section 1,2,3

Renumbers and amends article 9 section 2


At the session next following an enumeration made by the authority of the United States, the Legislature shall divide the state into congressional, legislative, and other districts accordingly.


The Legislature shall provide by statute for an exemption of a homestead, which may consist of one or more parcels of lands, together with the appurtenances and improvements thereon, from sale on execution.


The seat of state government shall be at Salt Lake City.


The Senate shall consist of a membership not to exceed twenty-nine in number, and the number of representatives shall never be less than twice nor greater than three times the number of senators.