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Legislative action that proposed this amendment: HJR3 1929 Regular Session

Disposition: This amendment was not presented to voters for ratification.

Amends article 10 section 3

[This proposed amendment from the 1929 Regular Session never appeared before voters for ratification, since it was superceded by HJR10 in a 1930 Special Session.]


The proceeds of all lands that have been or may be granted by the United States to this State, for the support of the common schools; the proceeds of all property that may accrue to the State by escheat or forfeiture; all unclaimed shares and dividends of any corporation incorporated under the laws of this State; the proceeds of the sale of timber, mineral, or other property from school and State lands, other than those granted for specific purposes; and five per centum of the net proceeds of the sale of public land lying within the State, which shall be sold by the United States, subsequent to the admission of this State into the Union shall be and remain a perpetual fund, to be called the State school fund, the interest of which only, shall be distributed among the several school districts according to the state population residing therein. Provided, that all funds derived from any State tax for high schools shall be apportioned among several cities and school districts according to the attendance at high schools therein; but no city or state districts shall be entitled to any part of the fund derived from the State tax for high schools unless the high school therein in maintained upon the standard and for the period during the year that may be fixed by the State board of education.