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Legislative action that proposed this amendment: SJR2 1907 Regular Session

Disposition: Voters rejected this proposed amendment.

Amends article 13, section 7


The rate of State taxation on property for State purposes shall never exceed eight mills on each dollar of valuation; four and one half mills on each dollar of valuation for general State purposes; three mills on each dollar of valuation for high school purposes; and whenever the taxable property within the State shall amount to four hundred million dollars, the rate shall never thereafter exceed five mills on each dollar of valuation; unless a proposition to increase such rate, specifying the rate proposed and the time during which the same shall be levied, by first submitted to a vote of such qualified electors as shall have paid a property tax assessed to them within the State in the year next preceding such election and the majority of those voting thereon shall vote in favor thereof in such manner as may be provided by law.