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Bills in the Utah Legislature, 2007-2016

The table below summarizes the number of bills (including resolutions) heard by the Utah legislature in recent years. Some clarifications:

  • The "day" starts at 1 on the first day of the session and counts up to 45, the last day of the session
  • A bill's "age" is the number of days that have passed since the bill was first introduced.
  • "Passed" means a bill passed the legislature (it was "enrolled"). I do not record here whether the governor signed or vetoed it.
  • "Trend" plots are scaled so that the minimum and maximum values define the range of the vertical axis, which may have the incidental effect of causing some visual exaggeration. Consume wisely.

Key observations:

  • Many bills never come to a vote. Some get held up in Rules and never get sent to a committee. Some die in committee. Some pass committee but don't make it to the floor before the session ends.
  • Very few bills are voted down on the floor. That's what committees are for. They weed out bills that are unlikely to pass. If a bill makes it to the floor, it will probably pass. The action is in the committees.

Methodological note. References below to "last two weeks" of the session used to refer to its last 14 days. I changed my calculations (in March 2014) so that this refers to the last two calendar weeks (so a "week" always starts on Monday). Likewise for references to the "last week" or "last three weeks."

  2007   2008   2009   2010   2011   2012   2013   2014   2015   2016 Trend
Bills actually introduced (numbers) 733744704713782765748786831819
      Average day when bills are introduced
      Number introduced on first day 292328256226191215222245269282
      Number introduced in first week 392410339309272285292326345376
      Number introduced in first two weeks 546551488449403431393442467461
      Number introduced in last three weeks 505491110174150162159170177
      Number introduced in last two weeks 16213534785761466162
How bills fare after introduction
      % that came to at least one floor vote 79%79%79%76%75%76%78%77%78%74%
      % that failed in a floor vote 2.2%2.3%2.4%2.0%1.9%2.4%2.5%2.8%3.2%2.1%
      % that passed and were enrolled 58%59%64%67%64%62%70%62%64%58%
      % that had 1+ successful floor votes but 19%18%12%6%8%12%5%13%11%14%
          died without having failed on the floor
Bills that came to a floor vote 577586554541585584581606646609
      Average day when bills had their first vote 25.423.325.625.426.826.726.229.628.027.5
      Average age of bill at time of first vote 17.915.915.614.413.113.613.616.816.015.9
Bills that passed and were enrolled 423436450481504478524484528475
      Average day of final passage 36.735.935.936.836.436.436.838.737.437.4
      Average age of bill when passed 30.028.726.326.

Week-by-week analysis: Number of bills introduced

  2007   2008   2009   2010   2011   2012   2013   2014   2015   2016 Trend Average
Week 1 392410339309272285292326345376335
Week 2 15414114914013114610111612285129
Week 3 73606477859090771077680
Week 4 64796177120941031088710590
Week 5 34335676969310111310911583
Week 6 1011111661435134465033
Week 7 610241817141012151214

Week-by-week analysis: Number of bills passed

  2007   2008   2009   2010   2011   2012   2013   2014   2015   2016 Trend Average
Week 1 141103103303
Week 2 1410231528291312101517
Week 3 3324453346423918404937
Week 4 3554445355385537512545
Week 5 5772496130475267685956
Week 6 699676104103849571797185
Week 7 214176212214242235260276277256236