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Legislative action that proposed this amendment: HJR1 1917 Regular Session

Disposition: This amendment was not presented to voters for ratification.

Enacts article 22, section 3


The manufacture, sale, keeping or storing for sale, or offering or exposing for sale, or importing, carrying, transporting, advertising, distributing, giving away; exchanging, dispensing, or serving of all fermented, malt, vinous or spirituous liquors, alcohol, wine, porter, ale, beer, absinthe or any other intoxicating drink, mixture or preparation of like nature; and all liquors, mixtures, or preparations, whether patented or not, which will produce intoxication; fruits preserved in alcohol liquors of any kind; and all beverages containing in excess of one half of one per centum of alcohol by volume; and all mixtures, compounds or preparations, whether liquid or not, which are intended when mixed with water, or otherwise, to produce by fermentation or otherwise an intoxicating liquor, are hereby forever prohibited in the State, except alcohol for scientific and manufacturing purposes, and wine used for sacramental processes.

[Though this amendment received sufficient support in the Legislature, it was never presented to voters for ratification. Instead, it was superceded by HJR14 (1917 Regular Session), which amended the same portion of the Constitution.]