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List of legislators in the Washington lower chamber

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This list of legislators is accurate as of February 2011. Click on a member's name to learn more about him or her.

Note that the "education" column below occasionally has errors. I wrote a program that attempted to read each legislator's educational history and code it into one of a few categories. The program worked well, but with occasional errors. You can see the full educational history for each legislator by clicking on his/her name.

Chamber Member Party Born Gender Education
Washington (lower) Sherry V Appleton Democratic 1942 Female Some college
Washington (lower) Andy Billig Democratic Male Bachelors
Washington (lower) Brian E Blake Democratic Male Bachelors
Washington (lower) Reuven Carlyle Democratic Male Masters
Washington (lower) Frank V Chopp Democratic 1953 Male Bachelors
Washington (lower) Judy R Clibborn Democratic 1943 Female Bachelors
Washington (lower) Eileen L Cody Democratic 1954 Female Bachelors
Washington (lower) Jeannie L Darneille Democratic 1949 Female Masters
Washington (lower) Mary Lou Dickerson Democratic 1946 Female Masters
Washington (lower) Hans M Dunshee Democratic 1953 Male Masters
Washington (lower) Deborah H Eddy Democratic Female Law degree
Washington (lower) Fred Finn Democratic 1945 Male Law degree
Washington (lower) Joe Fitzgibbon Democratic 1986 Male Bachelors
Washington (lower) David Frockt Democratic Male Law degree
Washington (lower) Roger E Goodman Democratic Male Law degree
Washington (lower) Tami Green Democratic Female Associate
Washington (lower) Kathy M Haigh Democratic 1950 Female Doctorate
Washington (lower) Bob Hasegawa Democratic Male Bachelors
Washington (lower) Zachary Hudgins Democratic 1968 Male Bachelors
Washington (lower) Samuel W Hunt Democratic 1942 Male Bachelors
Washington (lower) Ross Hunter Democratic Male Bachelors
Chamber Member Party Born Gender Education
Washington (lower) Christopher Hurst Democratic 1954 Male Associate
Washington (lower) Jim Jacks Democratic 1970 Male Masters
Washington (lower) Laurie Jinkins Democratic Female Law degree
Washington (lower) Ruth L Kagi Democratic 1945 Female Masters
Washington (lower) Troy Kelley Democratic Male Law degree
Washington (lower) Phyllis Gutierrez Kenney Democratic Female
Washington (lower) Steve Kirby Democratic Male
Washington (lower) Connie Ladenburg Democratic Female
Washington (lower) Marko Liias Democratic 1981 Male Bachelors
Washington (lower) Kristine Lytton Democratic Female
Washington (lower) Marcie Maxwell Democratic Female Some college
Washington (lower) John R Mccoy Democratic 1943 Male High school
Washington (lower) Mark Miloscia Democratic 1958 Male Masters
Washington (lower) James C Moeller Democratic 1955 Male Bachelors
Washington (lower) Jeff Morris Democratic 1964 Male Bachelors
Washington (lower) Luis Moscoso Democratic Male Bachelors
Washington (lower) Timm Ormsby Democratic Male High school
Washington (lower) Tina L Orwall Democratic Female Masters
Washington (lower) Jamie Pedersen Democratic 1968 Male Law degree
Washington (lower) Eric Pettigrew Democratic Male Masters
Washington (lower) Tim Probst Democratic Male Bachelors
Washington (lower) Chris P Reykdal Democratic 1972 Male Masters
Chamber Member Party Born Gender Education
Washington (lower) Mary Helen Roberts Democratic 1947 Female Bachelors
Washington (lower) Christine Rolfes Democratic Female Masters
Washington (lower) Cindy S Ryu Democratic 1957 Female Masters
Washington (lower) Sharon Tomiko Santos Democratic 1961 Female Masters
Washington (lower) Larry Seaquist Democratic Male Bachelors
Washington (lower) Mike Sells Democratic 1945 Male Bachelors
Washington (lower) Larry S Springer Democratic 1947 Male Masters
Washington (lower) Derek Stanford Democratic Male Doctorate
Washington (lower) Pat Sullivan Democratic Male Bachelors
Washington (lower) Dean A Takko Democratic Male Bachelors
Washington (lower) Steve Tharinger Democratic Male Bachelors
Washington (lower) Dave Upthegrove Democratic 1971 Male Bachelors
Washington (lower) Kevin Van De Wege Democratic 1974 Male Bachelors
Washington (lower) John E Ahern Republican 1934 Male Bachelors
Washington (lower) Gary C Alexander Republican 1944 Male Masters
Washington (lower) Glenn Anderson Republican 1958 Male Bachelors
Washington (lower) Jan Angel Republican Female Some college
Washington (lower) Mike Armstrong Republican 1957 Male Some college
Washington (lower) Katrina Asay Republican Female
Washington (lower) Barbara Bailey Republican Female Bachelors
Washington (lower) Vincent Buys Republican Male Some college
Washington (lower) Bruce Chandler Republican Male Some college
Chamber Member Party Born Gender Education
Washington (lower) Cary Condotta Republican Male Bachelors
Washington (lower) Larry Crouse Republican 1944 Male High school
Washington (lower) Cathy Dahlquist Republican Female Bachelors
Washington (lower) Bruce Dammeier Republican Male Masters
Washington (lower) Richard Debolt Republican 1965 Male Bachelors
Washington (lower) Susan Fagan Republican 1947 Female Bachelors
Washington (lower) Larry Haler Republican 1951 Male Masters
Washington (lower) Mark D Hargrove Republican 1956 Male Bachelors
Washington (lower) Paul Harris Republican 1953 Male Bachelors
Washington (lower) Bill Hinkle Republican 1956 Male Some college
Washington (lower) Mike Hope Republican Male Masters
Washington (lower) Norm Johnson Republican Male Masters
Washington (lower) Brad A Klippert Republican 1957 Male Masters
Washington (lower) Joel Kretz Republican Male Some college
Washington (lower) Dan Kristiansen Republican Male Some college
Washington (lower) Jim Mccune Republican 1950 Male High school
Washington (lower) Terry R Nealey Republican 1947 Male Law degree
Washington (lower) Ed Orcutt Republican 1963 Male Bachelors
Washington (lower) Jason Overstreet Republican Male Associate
Washington (lower) Kevin Parker Republican Male Masters
Washington (lower) Kirk Pearson Republican Male Some college
Washington (lower) Ann Rivers Republican Female Bachelors
Chamber Member Party Born Gender Education
Washington (lower) Jay Rodne Republican Male Law degree
Washington (lower) Charles R Ross Republican Male Associate
Washington (lower) Joe Schmick Republican Male Bachelors
Washington (lower) Matt Shea Republican Male Bachelors
Washington (lower) Shelly Short Republican 1962 Female Some college
Washington (lower) Norma Smith Republican Female
Washington (lower) David V Taylor Republican 1972 Male Bachelors
Washington (lower) Maureen S Walsh Republican 1960 Female Associate
Washington (lower) Judith Warnick Republican Female Some college
Washington (lower) J T Wilcox Republican Male Bachelors
Washington (lower) Hans Zeiger Republican Male Masters

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