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List of legislators in the Oregon lower chamber

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This list of legislators is accurate as of February 2011. Click on a member's name to learn more about him or her.

Note that the "education" column below occasionally has errors. I wrote a program that attempted to read each legislator's educational history and code it into one of a few categories. The program worked well, but with occasional errors. You can see the full educational history for each legislator by clicking on his/her name.

Chamber Member Party Born Gender Education
Oregon (lower) Jules Kopel Bailey Democratic Male Masters
Oregon (lower) Jeff Barker Democratic 1943 Male Bachelors
Oregon (lower) Phil Barnhart Democratic 1946 Male Doctorate
Oregon (lower) Cliff Bentz Republican 1952 Male Law degree
Oregon (lower) Vicki Berger Republican 1949 Female Bachelors
Oregon (lower) Elizabeth Terry Beyer Democratic 1951 Female Some college
Oregon (lower) Deborah Boone Democratic 1951 Female Bachelors
Oregon (lower) Katie E Brewer Republican Female Bachelors
Oregon (lower) Peter J Buckley Democratic 1957 Male Bachelors
Oregon (lower) Kevin Cameron Republican 1956 Male Bachelors
Oregon (lower) Ben Cannon Democratic 1976 Male Masters
Oregon (lower) Brian L Clem Democratic 1972 Male Bachelors
Oregon (lower) Jason Conger Republican Male Law degree
Oregon (lower) Jean Cowan Democratic 1947 Female Bachelors
Oregon (lower) Michael E Dembrow Democratic Male Masters
Oregon (lower) Margaret Doherty Democratic Female Masters
Oregon (lower) Sal Esquivel Republican 1948 Male Some college
Oregon (lower) Lew Frederick Democratic Male Doctorate
Oregon (lower) Tim J Freeman Republican Male High school
Oregon (lower) William R Garrard Republican 1940 Male Some college
Oregon (lower) Chris Garrett Democratic Male Law degree
Chamber Member Party Born Gender Education
Oregon (lower) Sara A Gelser Democratic 1973 Female Masters
Oregon (lower) Victor S Gilliam Republican 1953 Male Masters
Oregon (lower) Mitch Greenlick Democratic 1935 Male Doctorate
Oregon (lower) Bruce L Hanna Republican 1960 Male Bachelors
Oregon (lower) Chris Harker Democratic Male Doctorate
Oregon (lower) Wally Hicks Republican Male Law degree
Oregon (lower) Paul R Holvey Democratic 1954 Male Some college
Oregon (lower) Val Hoyle Democratic Female Bachelors
Oregon (lower) John E Huffman Republican Male
Oregon (lower) Dave Hunt Democratic 1967 Male Bachelors
Oregon (lower) Bob Jenson Republican 1931 Male Masters
Oregon (lower) Mark Johnson Republican Male
Oregon (lower) Bill Kennemer Republican 1946 Male Doctorate
Oregon (lower) Betty Komp Democratic 1949 Female Masters
Oregon (lower) Tina Kotek Democratic 1966 Female Masters
Oregon (lower) Wayne Krieger Republican 1940 Male Some college
Oregon (lower) Shawn M Lindsay Republican 1973 Male Law degree
Oregon (lower) Greg Matthews Democratic Male High school
Oregon (lower) Michael R Mclane Republican Male Law degree
Oregon (lower) Nancy Nathanson Democratic 1951 Female Bachelors
Oregon (lower) Mary Nolan Democratic 1954 Female Bachelors
Oregon (lower) Andy Olson Republican 1952 Male Bachelors
Chamber Member Party Born Gender Education
Oregon (lower) Julie Parrish Republican Female
Oregon (lower) Tobias Read Democratic 1975 Male Masters
Oregon (lower) Dennis Richardson Republican 1949 Male Law degree
Oregon (lower) Arnie Roblan Democratic 1948 Male Masters
Oregon (lower) Michael W Schaufler Democratic 1959 Male Bachelors
Oregon (lower) Patrick Sheehan Republican Male Bachelors
Oregon (lower) Greg V Smith Republican 1968 Male Bachelors
Oregon (lower) Jefferson Smith Democratic Male Law degree
Oregon (lower) Sherrie Sprenger Republican Female Bachelors
Oregon (lower) Kim Thatcher Republican 1964 Female Some college
Oregon (lower) Jim Thompson Republican Male Some college
Oregon (lower) Carolyn Tomei Democratic 1936 Female Masters
Oregon (lower) Matthew Wand Republican Male Law degree
Oregon (lower) Jim Weidner Republican 1968 Male High school
Oregon (lower) C Gene Whisnant Republican 1943 Male Masters
Oregon (lower) Matt Wingard Republican Male Bachelors
Oregon (lower) Bradley Witt Democratic 1952 Male Masters

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