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Margaret M Jeffus

Representative Margaret M Jeffus serves in the North Carolina House of Representatives. You can see a list of all state legislators from North Carolina.

Birth year1934
Educational backgroundMEd, University of North Carolina, Greensboro, 1970
BA, Guilford College, 1965
Entry into politics1980
Political historyRepresentative, North Carolina State House, 1991-present
Democratic State Executive Committee, 1983-present
Alternate Delegate, Democratic National Convention, 1992
Precinct Chair, Democratic State Executive Committee, 1980-1990
Chair, Delegate To County/District/North Carolina Conventions, 1980-1990
Delegate, Democratic National Convention, 1984
Project Vote Smart profilehttp://www.votesmart.org/summary.php?can_id=10362

As noted in this project's root page, data are accurate as of February 2011.

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