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List of legislators in the Minnesota lower chamber

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This list of legislators is accurate as of February 2011. Click on a member's name to learn more about him or her.

Note that the "education" column below occasionally has errors. I wrote a program that attempted to read each legislator's educational history and code it into one of a few categories. The program worked well, but with occasional errors. You can see the full educational history for each legislator by clicking on his/her name.

Chamber Member Party Born Gender Education
Minnesota (lower) Jim Abeler Republican 1954 Male Doctorate
Minnesota (lower) Bruce D Anderson Republican 1950 Male Bachelors
Minnesota (lower) Sarah Anderson Republican 1972 Female Bachelors
Minnesota (lower) Diane Anderson Republican Female Bachelors
Minnesota (lower) Paul H Anderson Republican Male Bachelors
Minnesota (lower) Tom Anzelc Democratic/Farmer/Labor 1946 Male Bachelors
Minnesota (lower) Joseph Atkins Democratic/Farmer/Labor 1965 Male Law degree
Minnesota (lower) King Banaian Republican
Minnesota (lower) Bob Barrett Republican Male
Minnesota (lower) Michael L Beard Republican 1953 Male Some college
Minnesota (lower) John H Benson Democratic/Farmer/Labor 1943 Male Masters
Minnesota (lower) Mike Benson Republican
Minnesota (lower) Kurt Bills Republican
Minnesota (lower) Kathy Brynaert Democratic/Farmer/Labor 1944 Female Masters
Minnesota (lower) Mark W Buesgens Republican 1961 Male Masters
Minnesota (lower) Lyndon R Carlson Democratic/Farmer/Labor 1940 Male Bachelors
Minnesota (lower) Bobby Joe Champion Democratic/Farmer/Labor 1963 Male Law degree
Minnesota (lower) Karen J Clark Democratic/Farmer/Labor 1945 Female Masters
Minnesota (lower) Tony Cornish Republican 1951 Male High school
Minnesota (lower) Roger Crawford Republican
Minnesota (lower) Kurt Daudt Republican
Chamber Member Party Born Gender Education
Minnesota (lower) Gregory M Davids Republican 1958 Male Bachelors
Minnesota (lower) Jim T Davnie Democratic/Farmer/Labor 1959 Male Masters
Minnesota (lower) Matt Dean Republican 1966 Male Bachelors
Minnesota (lower) Robert Dettmer Republican 1951 Male Masters
Minnesota (lower) David Dill Democratic/Farmer/Labor 1955 Male
Minnesota (lower) Denise R Dittrich Democratic/Farmer/Labor 1957 Female Bachelors
Minnesota (lower) Connie Doepke Republican Female Bachelors
Minnesota (lower) Keith Downey Republican Male Bachelors
Minnesota (lower) Steve Drazkowski Republican 1964 Male Masters
Minnesota (lower) Kent Eken Democratic/Farmer/Labor 1963 Male Masters
Minnesota (lower) Sondra Erickson Republican 1942 Female Bachelors
Minnesota (lower) Dan Fabian Republican
Minnesota (lower) Andrew Falk Democratic/Farmer/Labor 1983 Male Bachelors
Minnesota (lower) Mary Franson Republican
Minnesota (lower) Patti Fritz Democratic/Farmer/Labor 1944 Female Associate
Minnesota (lower) Patrick Garofalo Republican Male Bachelors
Minnesota (lower) Kerry Gauthier Democratic/Farmer/Labor
Minnesota (lower) Steve Gottwalt Republican 1961 Male Bachelors
Minnesota (lower) Marion Greene Democratic/Farmer/Labor
Minnesota (lower) Mindy G Greiling Democratic/Farmer/Labor 1948 Female Masters
Minnesota (lower) Glenn Gruenhagen Republican
Minnesota (lower) Bob Gunther Republican 1943 Male Bachelors
Chamber Member Party Born Gender Education
Minnesota (lower) Tom M Hackbarth Republican 1951 Male Some college
Minnesota (lower) Rod Hamilton Republican 1968 Male High school
Minnesota (lower) David Hancock Republican
Minnesota (lower) Rick Hansen Democratic/Farmer/Labor 1963 Male Masters
Minnesota (lower) Alice Hausman Democratic/Farmer/Labor 1942 Female Masters
Minnesota (lower) Jeff Hayden Democratic/Farmer/Labor 1966 Male Bachelors
Minnesota (lower) Debra Hilstrom Democratic/Farmer/Labor 1968 Female Bachelors
Minnesota (lower) Bill Hilty Democratic/Farmer/Labor 1938 Male Masters
Minnesota (lower) Mary Liz Holberg Republican 1959 Female Bachelors
Minnesota (lower) Joe Hoppe Republican 1964 Male Bachelors
Minnesota (lower) Frank D Hornstein Democratic/Farmer/Labor 1959 Male Masters
Minnesota (lower) Melissa Hortman Democratic/Farmer/Labor 1970 Female Law degree
Minnesota (lower) Larry J Hosch Democratic/Farmer/Labor 1977 Male Masters
Minnesota (lower) Larry Howes Republican 1947 Male High school
Minnesota (lower) Thomas E Huntley Democratic/Farmer/Labor 1938 Male Doctorate
Minnesota (lower) Sheldon Johnson Democratic/Farmer/Labor 1954 Male Masters
Minnesota (lower) Phyllis Kahn Democratic/Farmer/Labor 1937 Female Doctorate
Minnesota (lower) Kory Kath Democratic/Farmer/Labor 1977 Male Masters
Minnesota (lower) Tim Kelly Republican Male Bachelors
Minnesota (lower) Andrea Kieffer Republican
Minnesota (lower) Debra Kiel Republican
Minnesota (lower) Mary E Kiffmeyer Republican 1946 Female Some college
Chamber Member Party Born Gender Education
Minnesota (lower) Katherine Knuth Democratic/Farmer/Labor 1981 Female Bachelors
Minnesota (lower) Lyle J Koenen Democratic/Farmer/Labor 1956 Male Associate
Minnesota (lower) John Kriesel Republican
Minnesota (lower) Carolyn Laine Democratic/Farmer/Labor Female Masters
Minnesota (lower) Morrie Lanning Republican 1944 Male Masters
Minnesota (lower) Ernie Leidiger Republican
Minnesota (lower) Mike Lemieur Republican Male
Minnesota (lower) Ann Lenczewski Democratic/Farmer/Labor 1960 Female Bachelors
Minnesota (lower) John Lesch Democratic/Farmer/Labor 1973 Male Law degree
Minnesota (lower) Tina Liebling Democratic/Farmer/Labor Female Law degree
Minnesota (lower) Leon M Lillie Democratic/Farmer/Labor 1961 Male Bachelors
Minnesota (lower) Diane Loeffler Democratic/Farmer/Labor 1953 Female Bachelors
Minnesota (lower) Kathy Lohmer Republican Female
Minnesota (lower) Jenifer Loon Republican Female Bachelors
Minnesota (lower) Tara Mack Republican Female Bachelors
Minnesota (lower) Tim Mahoney Democratic/Farmer/Labor 1953 Male Some college
Minnesota (lower) Carlos Mariani Democratic/Farmer/Labor 1957 Male Law degree
Minnesota (lower) Paul A Marquart Democratic/Farmer/Labor 1957 Male Masters
Minnesota (lower) Pat Mazorol Republican
Minnesota (lower) Joe Mcdonald Republican
Minnesota (lower) Carolyn Mcelfatrick Republican Female Masters
Minnesota (lower) Carol Mcfarlane Republican 1950 Female Associate
Chamber Member Party Born Gender Education
Minnesota (lower) Denny Mcnamara Republican 1952 Male Bachelors
Minnesota (lower) Rena Moran Democratic/Farmer/Labor
Minnesota (lower) Terence Morrow Democratic/Farmer/Labor 1963 Male Doctorate
Minnesota (lower) Joe Mullery Democratic/Farmer/Labor Male Law degree
Minnesota (lower) Mark A Murdock Republican 1952 Male Bachelors
Minnesota (lower) Mary Murphy Democratic/Farmer/Labor Female Bachelors
Minnesota (lower) Erin Murphy Democratic/Farmer/Labor 1960 Female Masters
Minnesota (lower) Rich Murray Republican
Minnesota (lower) Pam Myhra Republican
Minnesota (lower) Michael V Nelson Democratic/Farmer/Labor 1954 Male Associate
Minnesota (lower) Bud B Nornes Republican 1943 Male Some college
Minnesota (lower) Kim M Norton Democratic/Farmer/Labor 1957 Female Bachelors
Minnesota (lower) Tim O Driscoll Republican
Minnesota (lower) Michael Paymar Democratic/Farmer/Labor 1953 Male Masters
Minnesota (lower) Eugene Pelowski Democratic/Farmer/Labor 1952 Male Masters
Minnesota (lower) Joyce J Peppin Republican 1970 Female Masters
Minnesota (lower) John Persell Democratic/Farmer/Labor Male Bachelors
Minnesota (lower) Branden Petersen Republican
Minnesota (lower) Sandra Peterson Democratic/Farmer/Labor Female Bachelors
Minnesota (lower) Jeanne E Poppe Democratic/Farmer/Labor 1957 Female Masters
Minnesota (lower) Duane Quam Republican
Minnesota (lower) Tom Rukavina Democratic/Farmer/Labor 1950 Male Bachelors
Chamber Member Party Born Gender Education
Minnesota (lower) Linda Runbeck Republican 1946 Female Bachelors
Minnesota (lower) Tim Sanders Republican Male Bachelors
Minnesota (lower) Bev Scalze Democratic/Farmer/Labor 1943 Female Associate
Minnesota (lower) Joe Roy Schomacker Republican Male Masters
Minnesota (lower) Peggy Scott Republican Female Some college
Minnesota (lower) Ron Shimanski Republican 1952 Male Associate
Minnesota (lower) Steve Simon Democratic/Farmer/Labor 1969 Male Law degree
Minnesota (lower) Nora Slawik Democratic/Farmer/Labor 1962 Female Masters
Minnesota (lower) Linda Slocum Democratic/Farmer/Labor 1950 Female Bachelors
Minnesota (lower) Steve Smith Republican 1949 Male Law degree
Minnesota (lower) Kirk Stensrud Republican
Minnesota (lower) Chris Swedzinski Republican
Minnesota (lower) Paul C Thissen Democratic/Farmer/Labor 1966 Male Law degree
Minnesota (lower) Tom Tillberry Democratic/Farmer/Labor 1964 Male Masters
Minnesota (lower) Paul Torkelson Republican Male Bachelors
Minnesota (lower) Dean Urdahl Republican 1949 Male Bachelors
Minnesota (lower) Bruce D Vogel Republican 1958 Male Bachelors
Minnesota (lower) Jean Wagenius Democratic/Farmer/Labor 1941 Female Law degree
Minnesota (lower) John Ward Democratic/Farmer/Labor 1950 Male Masters
Minnesota (lower) Doug Wardlow Republican
Minnesota (lower) Torrey N Westrom Republican 1973 Male Law degree
Minnesota (lower) Ryan Winkler Democratic/Farmer/Labor 1975 Male Law degree
Chamber Member Party Born Gender Education
Minnesota (lower) Kelby Woodard Republican
Minnesota (lower) Kurt Zellers Republican 1969 Male Bachelors

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