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List of legislators in Michigan

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You can make this list smaller by viewing only the lower chamber or only the upper chamber.

This list of legislators is accurate as of February 2011. Click on a member's name to learn more about him or her.

Note that the "education" column below occasionally has errors. I wrote a program that attempted to read each legislator's educational history and code it into one of a few categories. The program worked well, but with occasional errors. You can see the full educational history for each legislator by clicking on his/her name.

Chamber Member Party Born Gender Education
Michigan (lower) Jim Ananich Democratic
Michigan (lower) Charles M Brunner Democratic
Michigan (lower) Jon Bumstead Republican
Michigan (lower) Michael Callton Republican
Michigan (lower) Philip M Cavanagh Democratic Male
Michigan (lower) Paul Clemente Democratic Male
Michigan (lower) Hugh D Crawford Republican Male
Michigan (lower) Kevin Daley Republican Male
Michigan (lower) Kurt E Damrow Republican
Michigan (lower) George T Darany Democratic Male
Michigan (lower) Brandon Dillon Democratic
Michigan (lower) Stacy Erwin Oakes Democratic Female
Michigan (lower) Jeff Farrington Republican
Michigan (lower) Anthony G Forlini Republican Male
Michigan (lower) Frank Foster Republican
Michigan (lower) Ray Franz Republican Male
Michigan (lower) Ben Glardon Republican
Michigan (lower) Ken Goike Republican Male
Michigan (lower) Harold L Haugh Democratic Male
Michigan (lower) Kurt Heise Republican Male
Michigan (lower) Rudy Hobbs Democratic
Chamber Member Party Born Gender Education
Michigan (lower) Thomas B Hooker Republican
Michigan (lower) Marcia Hovey Wright Democratic
Michigan (lower) Lisa L Howze Democratic Female
Michigan (lower) Matt E Huuki Republican
Michigan (lower) Jeff Irwin Democratic
Michigan (lower) Nancy E Jenkins Republican Female
Michigan (lower) Joel Johnson Republican
Michigan (lower) Andrew J Kandrevas Democratic Male
Michigan (upper) Mike Kowall Republican Male
Michigan (lower) Marilyn Lane Democratic 1959 Female
Michigan (lower) Richard Leblanc Democratic Male
Michigan (lower) Lisa Posthumus Lyons Republican
Michigan (lower) Peter Macgregor Republican
Michigan (lower) Greg Macmaster Republican
Michigan (lower) Ed Mcbroom Republican
Michigan (lower) Sean Mccann Democratic Male
Michigan (lower) David E Nathan Democratic Male
Michigan (lower) Aric Nesbitt Republican
Michigan (lower) Rick Olson Republican
Michigan (lower) John Olumba Democratic 1981 Male
Michigan (lower) Mark Ouimet Republican Male
Michigan (lower) Rick Outman Republican
Chamber Member Party Born Gender Education
Michigan (lower) Peter Pettalia Republican Male
Michigan (lower) Earl Poleski Republican
Michigan (lower) Philip N Potvin Republican
Michigan (lower) Amanda Price Republican
Michigan (lower) Al Pscholka Republican
Michigan (lower) Bruce R Rendon Republican
Michigan (lower) David E Rutledge Democratic Male
Michigan (lower) Harvey Santana Democratic Male
Michigan (lower) Deb Shaughnessy Republican
Michigan (lower) Dian Slavens Democratic Female
Michigan (lower) Charles H Smiley Democratic 1954 Male
Michigan (lower) Thomas F Stallworth Democratic Male
Michigan (lower) Maureen L Stapleton Democratic Female
Michigan (lower) Alberta Tinsley Talabi Democratic Female
Michigan (lower) Jim Townsend Democratic Male
Michigan (lower) Sharon Tyler Republican
Michigan (lower) Jimmy Womack Democratic Male
Michigan (lower) Ken Yonker Republican
Michigan (lower) Dale W Zorn Republican Male
Michigan (upper) Tom A Casperson Republican 1959 Male High school
Michigan (upper) Judy Emmons Republican 1952 Female High school
Michigan (upper) Glenn S Anderson Democratic 1954 Male Some college
Chamber Member Party Born Gender Education
Michigan (upper) Darwin L Booher Republican 1942 Male Some college
Michigan (lower) Judson Gilbert Republican Male Some college
Michigan (upper) John J Gleason Democratic Male Some college
Michigan (upper) Mike L Green Republican 1948 Male Some college
Michigan (upper) Morris W Hood Democratic Male Some college
Michigan (upper) Joe Hune Republican 1980 Male Some college
Michigan (upper) Bert Johnson Democratic 1973 Male Some college
Michigan (lower) Eileen T Kowall Republican Female Some college
Michigan (lower) Kenneth Kurtz Republican Male Some college
Michigan (upper) Arlan B Meekhof Republican 1959 Male Some college
Michigan (upper) Phillip J Pavlov Republican 1963 Male Some college
Michigan (upper) David B Robertson Republican 1960 Male Some college
Michigan (lower) Wayne A Schmidt Republican Male Some college
Michigan (upper) Coleman A Young Democratic 1984 Male Some college
Michigan (lower) Cynthia S Denby Republican Female Associate
Michigan (upper) James Marleau Republican 1947 Male Associate
Michigan (lower) Joan Bauer Democratic Female Bachelors
Michigan (lower) James Bolger Republican Male Bachelors
Michigan (upper) Jack Brandenburg Republican 1951 Male Bachelors
Michigan (lower) Fred Durhal Democratic Male Bachelors
Michigan (upper) Vincent Gregory Democratic 1948 Male Bachelors
Michigan (lower) Richard E Hammel Democratic Male Bachelors
Chamber Member Party Born Gender Education
Michigan (upper) Goeff Hansen Republican Male Bachelors
Michigan (lower) Joseph Haveman Republican Male Bachelors
Michigan (upper) Dave Hildenbrand Republican Bachelors
Michigan (upper) Hoon Yung Hopgood Democratic 1974 Male Bachelors
Michigan (lower) Kenneth B Horn Republican Male Bachelors
Michigan (lower) Holly Hughes Republican Female Bachelors
Michigan (lower) Shanelle Jackson Democratic Female Bachelors
Michigan (lower) Bradford C Jacobsen Republican 1957 Male Bachelors
Michigan (upper) Mark C Jansen Republican 1959 Male Bachelors
Michigan (upper) Rick A Jones Republican 1952 Male Bachelors
Michigan (lower) Martin J Knollenberg Republican Male Bachelors
Michigan (lower) Andrea Lafontaine Republican Female Bachelors
Michigan (lower) Lesia Liss Democratic 1966 Female Bachelors
Michigan (lower) Matt Lori Republican Male Bachelors
Michigan (lower) Tom Mcmillin Republican Male Bachelors
Michigan (lower) Tim Melton Democratic Male Bachelors
Michigan (upper) Michael L Nofs Republican 1953 Male Bachelors
Michigan (lower) Margaret E O Brien Republican 1973 Female Bachelors
Michigan (lower) Paul E Opsommer Republican 1952 Male Bachelors
Michigan (lower) William C Rogers Republican Male Bachelors
Michigan (lower) Roy Schmidt Democratic 1953 Male Bachelors
Michigan (lower) Kate Segal Democratic Female Bachelors
Chamber Member Party Born Gender Education
Michigan (upper) Virgil K Smith Democratic Male Bachelors
Michigan (lower) Pat R Somerville Republican 1980 Male Bachelors
Michigan (lower) Jim Stamas Republican Male Bachelors
Michigan (lower) Woodrow Stanley Democratic 1950 Male Bachelors
Michigan (lower) Jonathan M Switalski Democratic Male Bachelors
Michigan (upper) Howard Walker Republican 1954 Male Bachelors
Michigan (upper) Rebekah Warren Democratic 1971 Female Bachelors
Michigan (lower) David John Agema Republican 1949 Male Masters
Michigan (lower) Vicki Barnett Democratic Female Masters
Michigan (upper) Bruce Caswell Republican 1949 Male Masters
Michigan (upper) Patrick J Colbeck Republican Masters
Michigan (lower) Douglas A Geiss Democratic Male Masters
Michigan (lower) Bob Genetski Republican Male Masters
Michigan (lower) Gail Haines Republican Female Masters
Michigan (upper) Tupac A Hunter Democratic Male Masters
Michigan (lower) Steven W Lindberg Democratic Male Masters
Michigan (lower) Peter Lund Republican Male Masters
Michigan (upper) John Moolenaar Republican 1961 Male Masters
Michigan (lower) Paul Muxlow Republican Male Masters
Michigan (upper) John G Pappageorge Republican 1931 Male Masters
Michigan (upper) John M Proos Republican 1969 Male Masters
Michigan (upper) Randy J Richardville Republican Male Masters
Chamber Member Party Born Gender Education
Michigan (lower) Mike Shirkey Republican Male Masters
Michigan (upper) Steven Bieda Democratic Male Law degree
Michigan (lower) Lisa Brown Democratic Female Law degree
Michigan (lower) Barbara Byrum Democratic Female Law degree
Michigan (lower) Bob J Constan Democratic 1959 Male Law degree
Michigan (lower) Kevin M Cotter Republican 1977 Male Law degree
Michigan (lower) Ellen Cogen Lipton Democratic Female Law degree
Michigan (lower) Mark S Meadows Democratic 1947 Male Law degree
Michigan (lower) Chuck Moss Republican Male Law degree
Michigan (upper) Tory Rocca Republican 1973 Male Law degree
Michigan (upper) Tonya Schuitmaker Republican Female Law degree
Michigan (lower) Paul Scott Republican Male Law degree
Michigan (lower) Rashida Tlaib Democratic Female Law degree
Michigan (lower) John J Walsh Republican Male Law degree
Michigan (upper) Gretchen E Whitmer Democratic 1971 Female Law degree
Michigan (lower) Timothy Bledsoe Democratic 1953 Male Doctorate
Michigan (upper) Roger N Kahn Republican 1945 Male Doctorate

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