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List of legislators in the Maine lower chamber

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This list of legislators is accurate as of February 2011. Click on a member's name to learn more about him or her.

Note that the "education" column below occasionally has errors. I wrote a program that attempted to read each legislator's educational history and code it into one of a few categories. The program worked well, but with occasional errors. You can see the full educational history for each legislator by clicking on his/her name.

Chamber Member Party Born Gender Education
Maine (lower) Bernard L A Ayotte Republican Male Bachelors
Maine (lower) Paulette G Beaudoin Democratic Female
Maine (lower) Michael Gary Beaulieu Republican 1946 Male Masters
Maine (lower) Roberta B Beavers Democratic 1942 Female Masters
Maine (lower) Henry E M Beck Democratic 1986 Male Some college
Maine (lower) Devin M Beliveau Democratic Male Doctorate
Maine (lower) Paul Edward Bennett Republican Male Some college
Maine (lower) Seth A Berry Democratic 1968 Male Masters
Maine (lower) Bruce A Bickford Republican 1955 Male High school
Maine (lower) Russell J Black Republican Male Bachelors
Maine (lower) Anna D Blodgett Democratic Female Bachelors
Maine (lower) Andrea M Boland Democratic 1947 Female Masters
Maine (lower) Brian D Bolduc Democratic 1974 Male Bachelors
Maine (lower) Sheryl J Briggs Democratic Female
Maine (lower) Mark E Bryant Democratic 1956 Male Associate
Maine (lower) David C Burns Republican Male
Maine (lower) David R Burns Republican Male
Maine (lower) Emily Ann Cain Democratic 1980 Female Masters
Maine (lower) Michael E Carey Democratic Male Bachelors
Maine (lower) Alan M Casavant Democratic 1952 Male Masters
Maine (lower) Richard M Cebra Republican 1964 Male
Chamber Member Party Born Gender Education
Maine (lower) Michael Celli Republican 1955 Male Bachelors
Maine (lower) Ralph Chapman Democratic
Maine (lower) Kathleen D Chase Republican 1950 Female Associate
Maine (lower) Benjamin M Chipman Independent Male
Maine (lower) Herbert E Clark Democratic Male Some college
Maine (lower) Tyler A Clark Republican Male Some college
Maine (lower) Michael H Clarke Democratic Male Some college
Maine (lower) Alexander Cornell Du Houx Democratic Male Some college
Maine (lower) H David Cotta Republican Male Some college
Maine (lower) Dale J Crafts Republican 1958 Male High school
Maine (lower) Dean A Cray Republican 1958 Male
Maine (lower) Jarrod S Crockett Republican Male Bachelors
Maine (lower) Philip A Curtis Republican 1942 Male High school
Maine (lower) Andre E Cushing Republican Male Some college
Maine (lower) Douglas K Damon Republican Male
Maine (lower) Paul T Davis Republican 1947 Male Associate
Maine (lower) Cynthia A Dill Democratic 1965 Female Law degree
Maine (lower) James F Dill Democratic
Maine (lower) Mark N Dion Democratic Male Law degree
Maine (lower) Dana L Dow Republican Male
Maine (lower) Timothy E Driscoll Democratic Male
Maine (lower) Robert S Duchesne Democratic 1953 Male Masters
Chamber Member Party Born Gender Education
Maine (lower) Larry C Dunphy Republican 1952 Male Some college
Maine (lower) Jane E Eberle Democratic Female Bachelors
Maine (lower) Peter E Edgecomb Republican 1941 Male Masters
Maine (lower) Eleanor M Espling Republican Female Bachelors
Maine (lower) Mark W Eves Democratic Male
Maine (lower) Stacey Allen Fitts Republican 1962 Male Bachelors
Maine (lower) Joyce Ann Fitzpatrick Republican 1942 Female Some college
Maine (lower) Elspeth M Flemings Democratic Female Bachelors
Maine (lower) Patrick S A Flood Republican 1951 Male Bachelors
Maine (lower) Leslie T Fossel Republican 1946 Male Bachelors
Maine (lower) Karen D Foster Republican Female
Maine (lower) Kenneth Wade Fredette Republican 1964 Male Law degree
Maine (lower) Jeffery Allen Gifford Republican 1946 Male
Maine (lower) Paul E Gilbert Democratic Male Bachelors
Maine (lower) James S Gillway Republican Male
Maine (lower) Adam A Goode Democratic 1983 Male Bachelors
Maine (lower) Anne P Graham Democratic 1959 Female Masters
Maine (lower) Stacey K Guerin Republican
Maine (lower) James Michael Hamper Republican 1955 Male Associate
Maine (lower) Stephen P Hanley Democratic Male Associate
Maine (lower) Denise Patricia Harlow Democratic Female
Maine (lower) R Ryan Harmon Republican Male Masters
Chamber Member Party Born Gender Education
Maine (lower) Lance Evans Harvell Republican Male Some college
Maine (lower) Anne M Haskell Democratic 1943 Female Some college
Maine (lower) Teresea M Hayes Democratic Female Bachelors
Maine (lower) Erin D Herbig Democratic Female Associate
Maine (lower) Jon Hinck Democratic 1954 Male Law degree
Maine (lower) George W Hogan Democratic Male
Maine (lower) Robert B Hunt Democratic Male Masters
Maine (lower) Melissa Walsh Innes Democratic Bachelors
Maine (lower) Peter B Johnson Republican Male
Maine (lower) David D Johnson Republican
Maine (lower) Bryan T Kaenrath Democratic Male Bachelors
Maine (lower) Peter Sewell Kent Democratic Male Bachelors
Maine (lower) Dennis L Keschl Republican
Maine (lower) Jane S Knapp Republican Female Some college
Maine (lower) L Gary Knight Republican 1944 Male Masters
Maine (lower) Charles B Kruger Democratic Male
Maine (lower) Walter A Kumiega Democratic
Maine (lower) Michel A Lajoie Democratic Male Associate
Maine (lower) Aaron F Libby Republican
Maine (lower) Ricky D Long Republican Male High school
Maine (lower) Thomas R W Longstaff Democratic 1935 Male Doctorate
Maine (lower) Stephen D Lovejoy Democratic 1950 Male Doctorate
Chamber Member Party Born Gender Education
Maine (lower) Louis Joseph Luchini Democratic
Maine (lower) W Bruce Macdonald Democratic 1939 Male Masters
Maine (lower) Joyce A Maker Republican
Maine (lower) Richard S Malaby Republican 1951 Male Masters
Maine (lower) Maeghan Maloney Democratic Female Law degree
Maine (lower) John L Martin Democratic 1941 Male Bachelors
Maine (lower) Edward J Mazurek Democratic 1938 Male Masters
Maine (lower) Jeffrey M Mccabe Democratic Bachelors
Maine (lower) Michael D Mcclellan Republican 1960 Male Associate
Maine (lower) Howard E Mcfadden Republican Male Masters
Maine (lower) Jonathan B Mckane Republican Male Bachelors
Maine (lower) Wayne T Mitchell Male
Maine (lower) Susan E Morissette Republican Female Associate
Maine (lower) Terry K Morrison Democratic Male
Maine (lower) Bradley S Moulton Republican Male Law degree
Maine (lower) Joan M Nass Republican 1943 Female Bachelors
Maine (lower) Mary Pennell Nelson Democratic Masters
Maine (lower) Melvin Newendyke Republican Male Bachelors
Maine (lower) Robert W Nutting Republican 1947 Male Bachelors
Maine (lower) Andrew R O Brien Democratic 1978 Male Bachelors
Maine (lower) Beth A O Connor Republican Female
Maine (lower) Kimberly N Olsen Republican
Chamber Member Party Born Gender Education
Maine (lower) James W Parker Republican 1947 Male Bachelors
Maine (lower) Wayne R Parry Republican 1963 Male High school
Maine (lower) Ann E Peoples Democratic 1947 Female
Maine (lower) Matthew J Peterson Democratic
Maine (lower) John J Picchiotti Republican
Maine (lower) Donald E Pilon Democratic Male Bachelors
Maine (lower) Gary E Plummer Republican Male Masters
Maine (lower) Kerri L Prescott Republican 1963 Female Bachelors
Maine (lower) Charles R Priest Democratic Male Law degree
Maine (lower) Helen Rankin Democratic
Maine (lower) Wesley E Richardson Republican Male Bachelors
Maine (lower) David E Richardson Republican 1947 Male Masters
Maine (lower) Peter B Rioux Republican Male Bachelors
Maine (lower) Megan M Rochelo Democratic 1976 Female Masters
Maine (lower) Kimberley C Rosen Republican Female Some college
Maine (lower) Margaret R Rotundo Democratic 1949 Female Bachelors
Maine (lower) Diane Marie Russell Democratic Female Bachelors
Maine (lower) Linda F Sanborn Democratic 1951 Female Doctorate
Maine (lower) Deborah J Sanderson Republican Female
Maine (lower) Ralph W Sarty Republican Male
Maine (lower) Michael A Shaw Democratic Some college
Maine (lower) Heather W Sirocki Republican Female Associate
Chamber Member Party Born Gender Education
Maine (lower) Madonna M Soctomah Female
Maine (lower) Sara R Stevens Democratic 1974 Female Masters
Maine (lower) Meredith N Strang Burgess Republican 1956 Female Bachelors
Maine (lower) Peter C Stuckey Democratic Male
Maine (lower) Charles Kenneth Theriault Democratic Male
Maine (lower) Dianne C Tilton Republican 1959 Female Bachelors
Maine (lower) Jeffrey L Timberlake Republican Male
Maine (lower) Sharon Anglin Treat Democratic 1956 Female Law degree
Maine (lower) John L Tuttle Democratic Male Masters
Maine (lower) Linda M Valentino Democratic 1956 Female Bachelors
Maine (lower) Amy Fern Volk Republican 1969 Female Bachelors
Maine (lower) Richard V Wagner Democratic Male Doctorate
Maine (lower) G Paul Waterhouse Republican Male Some college
Maine (lower) Windol C Weaver Republican Male Bachelors
Maine (lower) David C Webster Democratic Male Masters
Maine (lower) Joan W Welsh Democratic 1940 Female Bachelors
Maine (lower) Michael J Willette Republican Male
Maine (lower) Alexander Reginald Willette Republican 1989 Male Some college
Maine (lower) Tom J Winsor Republican 1944 Male Bachelors
Maine (lower) Frederick L Wintle Republican
Maine (lower) Stephen J Wood Republican Male High school

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