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List of legislators in the Kentucky lower chamber

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This list of legislators is accurate as of February 2011. Click on a member's name to learn more about him or her.

Note that the "education" column below occasionally has errors. I wrote a program that attempted to read each legislator's educational history and code it into one of a few categories. The program worked well, but with occasional errors. You can see the full educational history for each legislator by clicking on his/her name.

Chamber Member Party Born Gender Education
Kentucky (lower) Royce W Adams Democratic 1938 Male High school
Kentucky (lower) Julie Raque Adams Republican
Kentucky (lower) Rocky Adkins Democratic 1959 Male Masters
Kentucky (lower) John A Arnold Democratic 1944 Male
Kentucky (lower) Linda Howlett Belcher Democratic 1948 Female Masters
Kentucky (lower) Johnny W Bell Democratic 1965 Male Law degree
Kentucky (lower) Kevin D Bratcher Republican 1961 Male Bachelors
Kentucky (lower) Dewayne Bunch Republican 1962 Male Masters
Kentucky (lower) Thomas J Burch Democratic 1931 Male Bachelors
Kentucky (lower) Dwight D Butler Republican 1963 Male Bachelors
Kentucky (lower) John Mitchel Owen Carney Republican 1969 Male Masters
Kentucky (lower) Michael E Cherry Democratic 1943 Male Masters
Kentucky (lower) Lawrence D Clark Democratic 1945 Male High school
Kentucky (lower) Hubert Collins Democratic 1936 Male Masters
Kentucky (lower) Leslie A Combs Democratic 1958 Female Bachelors
Kentucky (lower) James R Comer Republican 1972 Male Bachelors
Kentucky (lower) Tim Couch Republican 1961 Male Some college
Kentucky (lower) Will R Coursey Democratic 1978 Male Some college
Kentucky (lower) Jesse Crenshaw Democratic 1946 Male Law degree
Kentucky (lower) Ronald E Crimm Republican 1935 Male Bachelors
Kentucky (lower) Robert R Damron Democratic 1954 Male Masters
Chamber Member Party Born Gender Education
Kentucky (lower) Jim Decesare Republican 1966 Male
Kentucky (lower) Mitchel B Denham Democratic 1950 Male Masters
Kentucky (lower) Bob M Deweese Republican 1934 Male Doctorate
Kentucky (lower) Myron B Dossett Republican 1961 Male
Kentucky (lower) Ted Edmonds Democratic 1943 Male Doctorate
Kentucky (lower) C B Embry Republican 1941 Male Bachelors
Kentucky (lower) William P Farmer Republican 1962 Male Some college
Kentucky (lower) Joseph M Fischer Republican 1954 Male Law degree
Kentucky (lower) Kelly Flood Democratic 1959 Female Bachelors
Kentucky (lower) David W Floyd Republican 1951 Male Masters
Kentucky (lower) Danny R Ford Republican 1952 Male Bachelors
Kentucky (lower) James H Glenn Democratic 1948 Male Doctorate
Kentucky (lower) Jim Gooch Democratic 1951 Male
Kentucky (lower) Derrick W Graham Democratic Male Masters
Kentucky (lower) Jeff Greer Democratic 1964 Male Bachelors
Kentucky (lower) Sara Beth Gregory Republican
Kentucky (lower) W Keith Hall Democratic 1959 Male Some college
Kentucky (lower) Mike Harmon Republican 1966 Male Bachelors
Kentucky (lower) Richard D Henderson Democratic 1971 Male
Kentucky (lower) Melvin B Henley Democratic 1935 Male Doctorate
Kentucky (lower) Jeffrey H Hoover Republican 1960 Male Law degree
Kentucky (lower) Dennis Horlander Democratic 1952 Male Some college
Chamber Member Party Born Gender Education
Kentucky (lower) Brent Housman Republican Male Masters
Kentucky (lower) Wade Hurt Republican
Kentucky (lower) Joni L Jenkins Democratic 1958 Female Bachelors
Kentucky (lower) Dennis Keene Democratic 1965 Male
Kentucky (lower) Thomas Robert Kerr Republican 1950 Male Law degree
Kentucky (lower) Martha Jane King Democratic 1955 Female Some college
Kentucky (lower) Kim King Republican
Kentucky (lower) Adam Koenig Republican 1971 Male Bachelors
Kentucky (lower) Jimmie C Lee Democratic 1937 Male Some college
Kentucky (lower) Stan Lee Republican 1961 Male
Kentucky (lower) Mary Lou Marzian Democratic 1954 Female Bachelors
Kentucky (lower) Donna Mayfield Republican
Kentucky (lower) Thomas M Mckee Democratic 1941 Male Bachelors
Kentucky (lower) Reginald K Meeks Democratic 1954 Male Doctorate
Kentucky (lower) Michael Lee Meredith Republican
Kentucky (lower) Charles W Miller Democratic 1939 Male Masters
Kentucky (lower) Terry Mills Democratic 1950 Male Bachelors
Kentucky (lower) W Brad Montell Republican 1956 Male Masters
Kentucky (lower) Tim Moore Republican 1966 Male Masters
Kentucky (lower) Lonnie Napier Republican 1940 Male
Kentucky (lower) Rick G Nelson Democratic 1954 Male Masters
Kentucky (lower) Mike Nemes Republican
Chamber Member Party Born Gender Education
Kentucky (lower) Fred Nesler Democratic 1944 Male
Kentucky (lower) David W Osborne Republican 1964 Male Bachelors
Kentucky (lower) Sannie Overly Democratic Female Law degree
Kentucky (lower) Darryl T Owens Democratic 1937 Male Law degree
Kentucky (lower) Ruth Ann Palumbo Democratic 1949 Female Bachelors
Kentucky (lower) Tanya Pullin Democratic 1957 Female Law degree
Kentucky (lower) Ryan Quarles Republican
Kentucky (lower) Marie L Rader Republican 1941 Female Some college
Kentucky (lower) Rick W Rand Democratic 1957 Male Bachelors
Kentucky (lower) Jody Richards Democratic 1938 Male Masters
Kentucky (lower) Steven R Riggs Democratic 1959 Male Bachelors
Kentucky (lower) Thomas N Riner Democratic 1946 Male Bachelors
Kentucky (lower) Carl P Rollins Democratic 1947 Male Doctorate
Kentucky (lower) Steven Jack Rudy Republican 1978 Male Some college
Kentucky (lower) Sal Santoro Republican 1952 Male Masters
Kentucky (lower) John W Short Democratic
Kentucky (lower) Arnold R Simpson Democratic 1952 Male Law degree
Kentucky (lower) Kevin P Sinnette Democratic 1962 Male Law degree
Kentucky (lower) Rita Smart Democratic
Kentucky (lower) John Will Stacy Democratic 1953 Male Law degree
Kentucky (lower) Fitz Steele Democratic 1965 Male
Kentucky (lower) Jim Stewart Republican 1958 Male
Chamber Member Party Born Gender Education
Kentucky (lower) Wilson Lee Stone Democratic 1952 Male Masters
Kentucky (lower) Gregory D Stumbo Democratic 1951 Male Law degree
Kentucky (lower) Tommy N Thompson Democratic 1948 Male Masters
Kentucky (lower) John C Tilley Democratic 1968 Male Law degree
Kentucky (lower) Thomas Turner Republican 1952 Male
Kentucky (lower) Ben Waide Republican
Kentucky (lower) David Allen Watkins Democratic 1943 Male Doctorate
Kentucky (lower) Jim Wayne Democratic 1948 Male Masters
Kentucky (lower) Alecia Webb Edgington Republican 1966 Female Masters
Kentucky (lower) Susan Westrom Democratic 1952 Female Masters
Kentucky (lower) Addia Kathryn Wuchner Republican 1955 Female Some college
Kentucky (lower) Brent Yonts Democratic 1949 Male Law degree
Kentucky (lower) Jill York Republican 1966 Some college

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