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List of legislators in Kansas

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You can make this list smaller by viewing only the lower chamber or only the upper chamber.

This list of legislators is accurate as of February 2011. Click on a member's name to learn more about him or her.

Note that the "education" column below occasionally has errors. I wrote a program that attempted to read each legislator's educational history and code it into one of a few categories. The program worked well, but with occasional errors. You can see the full educational history for each legislator by clicking on his/her name.

Chamber Member Party Born Gender Education
Kansas (upper) Steve E Abrams Republican 1949 Male Doctorate
Kansas (lower) Stephen J Alford Republican Male
Kansas (upper) Pat Apple Republican Male Associate
Kansas (lower) Tom Arpke Republican 1952 Male Bachelors
Kansas (lower) Clay Aurand Republican 1962 Male Bachelors
Kansas (lower) Barbara W Ballard Democratic 1944 Female Doctorate
Kansas (lower) Bob Bethell Republican Male Masters
Kansas (lower) Rick Billinger Republican Male
Kansas (lower) Barbara Bollier Republican 1958 Female Doctorate
Kansas (lower) Benny L Boman Republican Male
Kansas (lower) Elaine S Bowers Republican Female Associate
Kansas (lower) J Robert Brookens Republican Male
Kansas (lower) Anthony R Brown Republican 1968 Male Bachelors
Kansas (upper) Terry Bruce Republican Male Law degree
Kansas (lower) Rob Bruchman Republican
Kansas (upper) Pete F Brungardt Republican 1947 Male Doctorate
Kansas (lower) Steven Brunk Republican Male
Kansas (lower) Mike Burgess Republican Male Bachelors
Kansas (lower) Tom Burroughs Democratic 1954 Male Bachelors
Kansas (lower) Terry L Calloway Republican 1954 Male Bachelors
Kansas (lower) Sydney Carlin Democratic Female
Chamber Member Party Born Gender Education
Kansas (lower) Richard Carlson Republican Male
Kansas (lower) Ward Cassidy Republican
Kansas (lower) Dan L Collins Republican
Kansas (lower) Pat Colloton Republican 1944 Female Law degree
Kansas (lower) David J Crum Republican 1945 Male Doctorate
Kansas (lower) Paul Davis Democratic 1972 Male Law degree
Kansas (lower) Peter Degraaf Republican Male Bachelors
Kansas (lower) Jim Denning Republican
Kansas (lower) Nile Dillmore Democratic 1947 Male Bachelors
Kansas (lower) Owen Donohoe Republican Male
Kansas (upper) Leslie D Donovan Republican Male Some college
Kansas (upper) Jay Scott Emler Republican 1949 Male Law degree
Kansas (upper) Oletha Faust Goudeau Democratic Female
Kansas (lower) James P Fawcett Republican
Kansas (lower) Bill Feuerborn Democratic Male
Kansas (lower) Gail Finney Democratic Female
Kansas (lower) Geraldine Flaharty Democratic 1936 Female Bachelors
Kansas (upper) Marci Francisco Democratic 1950 Female Bachelors
Kansas (lower) Stan S Frownfelter Democratic Male Bachelors
Kansas (lower) Rocky Fund Republican Male
Kansas (lower) Randy Garber Republican
Kansas (lower) Doug Gatewood Democratic Male
Chamber Member Party Born Gender Education
Kansas (lower) Sean Gatewood Democratic
Kansas (lower) Mario Goico Republican Male
Kansas (lower) Ramon Gonzalez Republican Male
Kansas (lower) Jana Taylor Goodman Republican 1951 Female Masters
Kansas (lower) Lana G Gordon Republican 1950 Female Bachelors
Kansas (lower) John C Grange Republican 1949 Male Associate
Kansas (lower) Robert Grant Democratic Male
Kansas (lower) Terri Lois Gregory Republican 1958 Female Bachelors
Kansas (lower) Amanda Grosserode Republican
Kansas (upper) David Haley Democratic 1958 Male Law degree
Kansas (lower) Gary K Hayzlett Republican 1941 Male
Kansas (lower) Dennis Hedke Republican Male
Kansas (lower) Broderick T Henderson Democratic Male
Kansas (lower) Jerry Henry Democratic Male
Kansas (upper) Anthony M Hensley Democratic 1953 Male Masters
Kansas (lower) Phil Hermanson Republican Male
Kansas (lower) Brett Hildabrand Republican
Kansas (lower) Don A Hill Republican 1946 Male Bachelors
Kansas (lower) Don Hineman Republican 1947 Male Masters
Kansas (lower) Kyle D Hoffman Republican
Kansas (upper) Tom Holland Democratic Male Masters
Kansas (lower) Carl D Holmes Republican 1940 Male Bachelors
Chamber Member Party Born Gender Education
Kansas (lower) Mitch Holmes Republican 1962 Male Bachelors
Kansas (lower) Jim Howell Republican
Kansas (lower) Steve Huebert Republican 1959 Male Bachelors
Kansas (upper) Terrie W Huntington Republican Female Bachelors
Kansas (lower) Steven C Johnson Republican
Kansas (lower) Kasha Kelley Republican Female Bachelors
Kansas (lower) Jim Kelly Republican Male
Kansas (upper) Laura Kelly Democratic 1950 Female Masters
Kansas (upper) Dick Kelsey Republican 1946 Male Masters
Kansas (lower) Dan Kerschen Republican 1952 Male Bachelors
Kansas (lower) Mike S Kiegerl Republican 1939 Male Masters
Kansas (upper) Jeff King Republican Male Law degree
Kansas (lower) Lance Y Kinzer Republican 1970 Male Law degree
Kansas (lower) Marvin G Kleeb Republican Male
Kansas (lower) Forrest J Knox Republican 1956 Male Masters
Kansas (lower) Annie Kuether Democratic Female
Kansas (upper) Kelly Kultala Democratic Female Bachelors
Kansas (lower) Brenda Landwehr Republican Female High school
Kansas (lower) Harold Lane Democratic Male
Kansas (lower) Judith Loganbill Democratic Female
Kansas (upper) Jeff Longbine Republican
Kansas (upper) Garrett Love Republican
Chamber Member Party Born Gender Education
Kansas (upper) Julia Lynn Republican Female Bachelors
Kansas (lower) Ann E Mah Democratic 1951 Female Masters
Kansas (upper) Bob Marshall Republican
Kansas (lower) Peggy L Mast Republican Female
Kansas (upper) Ty Masterson Republican Male
Kansas (lower) Melody Mccray Miller Democratic Female
Kansas (upper) Carolyn Mcginn Republican Female Masters
Kansas (lower) Joe Mcleland Republican Male Bachelors
Kansas (lower) Melanie Sanders Meier Democratic 1967 Female Masters
Kansas (lower) Kelly Meigs Republican
Kansas (upper) Raymond F Merrick Republican 1939 Male Bachelors
Kansas (lower) Reynaldo R Mesa Republican
Kansas (lower) Bob Montgomery Republican Male
Kansas (lower) Kathy Wolfe Moore Democratic
Kansas (upper) Stephen R Morris Republican 1946 Male Bachelors
Kansas (lower) Susan Mosier Republican
Kansas (lower) Tom J Moxley Republican Male Bachelors
Kansas (lower) Connie R O Brien Republican 1946 Female Bachelors
Kansas (lower) Charlotte O Hara Republican
Kansas (lower) Michael R O Neal Republican 1951 Male Law degree
Kansas (upper) Robert S Olson Republican Male
Kansas (lower) Leslie Osterman Republican 1947 Bachelors
Chamber Member Party Born Gender Education
Kansas (upper) Ralph Ostmeyer Republican Male
Kansas (lower) Bill C Otto Republican 1948 Male Bachelors
Kansas (upper) Thomas C Owens Republican 1945 Male Law degree
Kansas (lower) Joe Patton Republican 1952 Male Law degree
Kansas (lower) Janice L Pauls Democratic Female
Kansas (lower) Virgil Peck Republican Male
Kansas (upper) Mike Petersen Republican Male
Kansas (lower) Michael J Peterson Democratic Male
Kansas (lower) Eber Phelps Democratic Male Bachelors
Kansas (upper) Mary Pilcher Cook Republican Female Masters
Kansas (lower) Joann Pottorff Republican Female Masters
Kansas (lower) Larry R Powell Republican Male
Kansas (lower) William R Prescott Republican 1954 Male
Kansas (lower) Richard J Proehl Republican 1944 Male Masters
Kansas (upper) Dennis D Pyle Republican Male Some college
Kansas (upper) Roger P Reitz Republican 1932 Male Doctorate
Kansas (lower) Marc Rhoades Republican Male
Kansas (lower) Charles B Roth Republican Male Bachelors
Kansas (lower) John Rubin Republican 1948 Male Law degree
Kansas (lower) Louis E Ruiz Democratic Male
Kansas (lower) Ronald Ryckman Republican Male
Kansas (lower) Joseph Scapa Republican
Chamber Member Party Born Gender Education
Kansas (upper) Vicki Schmidt Republican Female Bachelors
Kansas (upper) Allen Schmidt Democratic Male
Kansas (upper) Jean Kurtis Schodorf Republican 1950 Female Doctorate
Kansas (lower) Don Schroeder Republican Male
Kansas (lower) Scott Schwab Republican Male Bachelors
Kansas (lower) Sharon Schwartz Republican 1940 Female
Kansas (lower) Joe Seiwert Republican Male
Kansas (lower) Clark Shultz Republican Male
Kansas (lower) Arlen H Siegfreid Republican Male
Kansas (lower) Mike Slattery Democratic Male
Kansas (lower) Thomas J Sloan Republican 1946 Male Doctorate
Kansas (lower) Greg A Smith Republican 1959 Male Masters
Kansas (lower) Sheryl Spalding Republican Female Bachelors
Kansas (upper) Chris Steineger Republican 1962 Male Masters
Kansas (lower) Gene Suellentrop Republican Male
Kansas (lower) Vern Swanson Republican Male
Kansas (upper) Mark Taddiken Republican 1950 Male Bachelors
Kansas (upper) Ruth Teichman Republican Female Some college
Kansas (lower) Annie Tietze Democratic Female Masters
Kansas (lower) Ed Trimmer Democratic 1952 Male Bachelors
Kansas (lower) Caryn Tyson Republican Female Masters
Kansas (upper) Dwayne D Umbarger Republican 1952 Male Associate
Chamber Member Party Born Gender Education
Kansas (lower) Jene Vickrey Republican 1959 Male
Kansas (lower) Ponka We Victors Democratic
Kansas (upper) John L Vratil Republican 1945 Male Law degree
Kansas (upper) Susan Wagle Republican Female Bachelors
Kansas (lower) Jim Ward Democratic 1957 Male Law degree
Kansas (lower) Brian Weber Republican Male
Kansas (lower) Vincent M Wetta Democratic 1945 Male Bachelors
Kansas (lower) Jerry Williams Democratic 1941 Male Masters
Kansas (lower) Valdenia Camille Winn Democratic 1950 Female Doctorate
Kansas (lower) Kay Wolf Republican 1949 Female Bachelors
Kansas (lower) William M Wolf Republican Male
Kansas (lower) Ron Worley Republican Male Bachelors

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