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List of legislators in the Iowa lower chamber

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This list of legislators is accurate as of February 2011. Click on a member's name to learn more about him or her.

Note that the "education" column below occasionally has errors. I wrote a program that attempted to read each legislator's educational history and code it into one of a few categories. The program worked well, but with occasional errors. You can see the full educational history for each legislator by clicking on his/her name.

Chamber Member Party Born Gender Education
Iowa (lower) Ako Abdul Samad Democratic Male
Iowa (lower) Dwayne Arlan Alons Republican 1946 Male Masters
Iowa (lower) Richard Anderson Republican 1956 Male Law degree
Iowa (lower) Richard D Arnold Republican 1945 Male Bachelors
Iowa (lower) Chip Baltimore Republican 1966 Male Law degree
Iowa (lower) Clel E Baudler Republican 1939 Male High school
Iowa (lower) Deborah L Berry Democratic 1958 Female Bachelors
Iowa (lower) Mark A Brandenburg Republican Male Bachelors
Iowa (lower) Josh Byrnes Republican Male Masters
Iowa (lower) Royd E Chambers Republican 1961 Male Bachelors
Iowa (lower) Dennis M Cohoon Democratic 1953 Male Bachelors
Iowa (lower) Peter Cownie Republican 1980 Male Masters
Iowa (lower) Betty R De Boef Republican 1951 Female Some college
Iowa (lower) Dave Deyoe Republican 1960 Male Bachelors
Iowa (lower) Cecil A Dolecheck Republican 1951 Male Some college
Iowa (lower) Jack E Drake Republican 1934 Male Some college
Iowa (lower) Greg Forristall Republican 1950 Male Masters
Iowa (lower) Joel Fry Republican
Iowa (lower) Ruth Ann Gaines Democratic
Iowa (lower) Julian B Garrett Republican
Iowa (lower) Mary A Gaskill Democratic 1941 Female Some college
Chamber Member Party Born Gender Education
Iowa (lower) Pat Grassley Republican 1983 Male Associate
Iowa (lower) Chris Hagenow Republican 1972 Male Law degree
Iowa (lower) Bob A Hager Republican 1961 Male
Iowa (lower) Chris Hall Democratic Male Bachelors
Iowa (lower) Curt Hanson Democratic Masters
Iowa (lower) Mary Ann Hanusa Republican
Iowa (lower) David E Heaton Republican 1941 Male Bachelors
Iowa (lower) Lisa Heddens Democratic 1964 Female Bachelors
Iowa (lower) Lee Hein Republican Male Bachelors
Iowa (lower) Erik Helland Republican Male Law degree
Iowa (lower) Lance J Horbach Republican 1958 Male Some college
Iowa (lower) Bruce L Hunter Democratic 1955 Male Some college
Iowa (lower) Daniel A Huseman Republican 1952 Male Bachelors
Iowa (lower) Charles Isenhart Democratic Male Masters
Iowa (lower) Stewart Iverson Republican 1950 Male Bachelors
Iowa (lower) David Jacoby Democratic Male Bachelors
Iowa (lower) Ron Jorgensen Republican 1957 Male Masters
Iowa (lower) Anesa Kajtazovic Green Party Female Bachelors
Iowa (lower) Jeff A Kaufmann Republican 1963 Male Doctorate
Iowa (lower) Jerry A Kearns Democratic Male Associate
Iowa (lower) Dan Kelley Democratic 1971 Male Bachelors
Iowa (lower) Jarad Klein Republican
Chamber Member Party Born Gender Education
Iowa (lower) Kevin Koester Republican 1954 Male Bachelors
Iowa (lower) Bob M Kressig Democratic 1953 Male Some college
Iowa (lower) Vicki S Lensing Democratic 1957 Female Bachelors
Iowa (lower) Mark S Lofgren Republican
Iowa (lower) Steven F Lukan Republican 1978 Male Bachelors
Iowa (lower) Jim Lykam Democratic 1949 Male Associate
Iowa (lower) Mary J Mascher Democratic 1952 Female Masters
Iowa (lower) Glen H Massie Republican
Iowa (lower) Kevin M Mccarthy Democratic Male Law degree
Iowa (lower) Helen Miller Democratic Female Law degree
Iowa (lower) Linda J Miller Republican 1947 Female Bachelors
Iowa (lower) Brian S Moore Republican Male Associate
Iowa (lower) Daniel Muhlbauer Democratic Male Associate
Iowa (lower) Patrick Joseph Murphy Democratic 1959 Male Bachelors
Iowa (lower) Jo Oldson Democratic 1956 Female Law degree
Iowa (lower) Rick L Olson Democratic Male
Iowa (lower) Steven N Olson Republican 1947 Male Some college
Iowa (lower) Tyler Olson Democratic Male Law degree
Iowa (lower) Kraig Paulsen Republican 1964 Male Law degree
Iowa (lower) Ross C Paustian Republican Male Bachelors
Iowa (lower) Kim Pearson Republican Female Law degree
Iowa (lower) Janet Petersen Democratic 1970 Female Masters
Chamber Member Party Born Gender Education
Iowa (lower) Dawn Pettengill Republican 1955 Female Bachelors
Iowa (lower) Brian J Quirk Democratic 1968 Male Associate
Iowa (lower) Scott J Raecker Republican 1961 Male Bachelors
Iowa (lower) Daniel J Rasmussen Republican 1947 Male Bachelors
Iowa (lower) Henry Vincent Rayhons Republican 1936 Male Some college
Iowa (lower) Walt Rogers Republican 1961 Male Bachelors
Iowa (lower) Kirstin Running Marquardt Democratic Female Some college
Iowa (lower) Thomas R Sands Republican 1954 Male Some college
Iowa (lower) Renee Schulte Republican Female Masters
Iowa (lower) Jason Schultz Republican 1972 Male
Iowa (lower) Tom W Shaw Republican Male Associate
Iowa (lower) Mark D Smith Democratic 1952 Male Masters
Iowa (lower) Jeff Smith Republican 1967 Male
Iowa (lower) Chuck Soderberg Republican 1957 Male Bachelors
Iowa (lower) Sharon S Steckman Democratic Female Masters
Iowa (lower) Kurt Swaim Democratic Male Law degree
Iowa (lower) Annette Sweeney Republican 1957 Female Bachelors
Iowa (lower) Todd E Taylor Democratic 1966 Male Bachelors
Iowa (lower) Jeremy Taylor Republican Male Masters
Iowa (lower) Phyllis Thede Democratic Female Some college
Iowa (lower) Roger D Thomas Democratic 1950 Male Bachelors
Iowa (lower) David A Tjepkes Republican 1944 Male Associate
Chamber Member Party Born Gender Education
Iowa (lower) Linda L Upmeyer Republican 1952 Female Masters
Iowa (lower) James Van Engelenhoven Republican 1943 Male High school
Iowa (lower) Guy Vander Linden Republican
Iowa (lower) Nick Wagner Republican 1973 Male Masters
Iowa (lower) Ralph C Watts Republican 1944 Male Bachelors
Iowa (lower) Andrew J Wenthe Democratic Male Bachelors
Iowa (lower) Beth Wessel Kroeschell Democratic Female Masters
Iowa (lower) Nathan Willems Democratic Male Law degree
Iowa (lower) Cindy L Winckler Democratic 1950 Female Masters
Iowa (lower) Matt W Windschitl Republican 1983 Male
Iowa (lower) John Wittneben Democratic 1955 Male Associate
Iowa (lower) Mary Wolfe Democratic Female Law degree
Iowa (lower) Gary Worthan Republican 1954 Male Associate

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