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List of legislators in the Indiana lower chamber

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This list of legislators is accurate as of February 2011. Click on a member's name to learn more about him or her.

Note that the "education" column below occasionally has errors. I wrote a program that attempted to read each legislator's educational history and code it into one of a few categories. The program worked well, but with occasional errors. You can see the full educational history for each legislator by clicking on his/her name.

Chamber Member Party Born Gender Education
Indiana (lower) Terri Jo Austin Democratic 1955 Female Masters
Indiana (lower) Ron Bacon Republican
Indiana (lower) James R Baird Republican
Indiana (lower) Jeb Bardon Democratic Male Bachelors
Indiana (lower) John L Bartlett Democratic Male Some college
Indiana (lower) Kreg Battles Democratic 1958 Male Masters
Indiana (lower) B Patrick Bauer Democratic 1944 Male Masters
Indiana (lower) Robert William Behning Republican 1954 Male Bachelors
Indiana (lower) Bruce A Borders Republican Male Bachelors
Indiana (lower) Brian C Bosma Republican 1957 Male Law degree
Indiana (lower) Timothy N Brown Republican 1956 Male Doctorate
Indiana (lower) Charlie Brown Democratic 1938 Male Masters
Indiana (lower) Charles Burton Republican 1945 Male Some college
Indiana (lower) Mara Candelaria Reardon Democratic Female Bachelors
Indiana (lower) David Cheatham Democratic Male
Indiana (lower) Robert W Cherry Republican 1947 Male Bachelors
Indiana (lower) Edward D Clere Republican Male Bachelors
Indiana (lower) William A Crawford Democratic 1936 Male
Indiana (lower) Suzanne Crouch Republican Female Bachelors
Indiana (lower) Wes Culver Republican Male Bachelors
Indiana (lower) Bill J Davis Republican Male
Chamber Member Party Born Gender Education
Indiana (lower) Steve Davisson Republican Male Bachelors
Indiana (lower) John Joseph Day Democratic 1937 Male Masters
Indiana (lower) Edward O Delaney Democratic Male Law degree
Indiana (lower) Nancy J Dembowski Democratic Female
Indiana (lower) Tom Dermody Republican Male
Indiana (lower) Chester F Dobis Democratic 1942 Male Some college
Indiana (lower) Richard A Dodge Republican 1930 Male Some college
Indiana (lower) Ryan M Dvorak Democratic Male Law degree
Indiana (lower) Sean R Eberhart Republican 1966 Male Masters
Indiana (lower) Sue Ellspermann Republican
Indiana (lower) Jeffrey K Espich Republican 1942 Male Bachelors
Indiana (lower) Ralph M Foley Republican 1940 Male Law degree
Indiana (lower) William Charles Friend Republican 1949 Male Bachelors
Indiana (lower) David Nason Frizzell Republican 1950 Male Bachelors
Indiana (lower) Craig R Fry Democratic 1952 Male Some college
Indiana (lower) Randy Frye Republican
Indiana (lower) Phil Giaquinta Democratic Male Bachelors
Indiana (lower) Terry A Goodin Democratic 1966 Male Doctorate
Indiana (lower) Floyd Dale Grubb Democratic 1949 Male Bachelors
Indiana (lower) Douglas L Gutwein Republican Male
Indiana (lower) Earl L Harris Democratic 1941 Male Some college
Indiana (lower) Bob Heaton Republican Male Bachelors
Chamber Member Party Born Gender Education
Indiana (lower) Kathleen Heuer Republican
Indiana (lower) Phillip D Hinkle Republican 1946 Male Masters
Indiana (lower) Mike Karickhoff Republican
Indiana (lower) Clyde R Kersey Democratic 1937 Male Masters
Indiana (lower) Cynthia Kirchhofer Republican Female
Indiana (lower) Sheila Ann J Klinker Democratic 1938 Female Masters
Indiana (lower) Tom Knollman Republican Male Bachelors
Indiana (lower) Eric Allan Koch Republican Male Law degree
Indiana (lower) Rebecca Kubacki Republican
Indiana (lower) Linda C Lawson Democratic Female High school
Indiana (lower) Donald J Lehe Republican Male Bachelors
Indiana (lower) Matthew S Lehman Republican Male Associate
Indiana (lower) Daniel J Leonard Republican Male Bachelors
Indiana (lower) L Jack Lutz Republican 1945 Male Some college
Indiana (lower) Kevin A Mahan Republican
Indiana (lower) Richard W Mcclain Republican 1941 Male Bachelors
Indiana (lower) Jud Mcmillin Republican
Indiana (lower) Wendy Mcnamara Republican
Indiana (lower) Mark B Messmer Republican Male Bachelors
Indiana (lower) Robert Morris Republican Bachelors
Indiana (lower) Charles A Moseley Democratic Male
Indiana (lower) Winfield C Moses Democratic 1943 Male Masters
Chamber Member Party Born Gender Education
Indiana (lower) Timothy Neese Republican Male Bachelors
Indiana (lower) David L Niezgodski Democratic Male
Indiana (lower) Cindy J Noe Republican 1947 Female Bachelors
Indiana (lower) Scott D Pelath Democratic Male Bachelors
Indiana (lower) Phillip Pflum Democratic Male High school
Indiana (lower) Matt Pierce Democratic Male Law degree
Indiana (lower) Phyllis J Pond Republican 1930 Female Masters
Indiana (lower) Gregory W Porter Democratic 1955 Male Bachelors
Indiana (lower) Cherrish S Pryor Democratic Female Masters
Indiana (lower) Scott E Reske Democratic Male Masters
Indiana (lower) Rhonda Rhoads Republican
Indiana (lower) Kathy Kreag Richardson Republican 1956 Female Some college
Indiana (lower) Gail Riecken Democratic Female Bachelors
Indiana (lower) Thomas E Saunders Republican Male High school
Indiana (lower) Vernon G Smith Democratic 1944 Male Doctorate
Indiana (lower) Milo Smith Republican Male Some college
Indiana (lower) Edmond L Soliday Republican 1945 Male Some college
Indiana (lower) Mike Speedy Republican
Indiana (lower) Steven Ray Stemler Democratic Male Some college
Indiana (lower) Gregory E Steuerwald Republican 1952 Male Law degree
Indiana (lower) Dan C Stevenson Democratic 1959 Male Some college
Indiana (lower) Mary Ann Sullivan Democratic 1959 Female Masters
Chamber Member Party Born Gender Education
Indiana (lower) Vanessa J Summers Democratic 1958 Female Associate
Indiana (lower) Jeffrey A Thompson Republican Male Bachelors
Indiana (lower) Gerald R Torr Republican 1957 Male Some college
Indiana (lower) Randolph Truitt Republican Male Masters
Indiana (lower) P Eric Turner Republican 1951 Male Bachelors
Indiana (lower) Dennis Tyler Democratic 1943 Male
Indiana (lower) Matt Ubelhor Republican
Indiana (lower) Rochelle Lynn Vandenburgh Democratic 1969 Female
Indiana (lower) Heath Vannatter Republican Male
Indiana (lower) Peggy M Welch Democratic 1955 Female Bachelors
Indiana (lower) Timothy Wesco Republican
Indiana (lower) David Alan Wolkins Republican 1943 Male Masters
Indiana (lower) David Yarde Republican Male Masters

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