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List of legislators in the Idaho lower chamber

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This list of legislators is accurate as of February 2011. Click on a member's name to learn more about him or her.

Note that the "education" column below occasionally has errors. I wrote a program that attempted to read each legislator's educational history and code it into one of a few categories. The program worked well, but with occasional errors. You can see the full educational history for each legislator by clicking on his/her name.

Chamber Member Party Born Gender Education
Idaho (lower) Eric R Anderson Republican 1956 Male Bachelors
Idaho (lower) Ken Andrus Republican 1935 Male Bachelors
Idaho (lower) Vito Barbieri Republican
Idaho (lower) Lenore Hardy Barrett Republican 1934 Female Bachelors
Idaho (lower) Linden B Bateman Republican
Idaho (lower) Clifford R Bayer Republican 1964 Male Bachelors
Idaho (lower) Scott C Bedke Republican 1958 Male
Idaho (lower) Maxine T Bell Republican 1931 Female Associate
Idaho (lower) Carlos V Bilbao Republican 1936 Male Bachelors
Idaho (lower) Max C Black Republican 1936 Male Bachelors
Idaho (lower) Sharon L Block Republican Female Bachelors
Idaho (lower) Darrell G Bolz Republican 1943 Male Masters
Idaho (lower) Judy Boyle Republican Female
Idaho (lower) Cherie Buckner Webb Democratic
Idaho (lower) Grant T Burgoyne Democratic 1953 Male Law degree
Idaho (lower) Marjorie A Chadderdon Republican 1937 Female Associate
Idaho (lower) Susan B Chew Democratic Female
Idaho (lower) Gary E Collins Republican 1942 Male High school
Idaho (lower) Brent J Crane Republican Male Bachelors
Idaho (lower) Brian C Cronin Democratic Male Masters
Idaho (lower) Reed Demordaunt Republican
Chamber Member Party Born Gender Education
Idaho (lower) Lawerence E Denney Republican 1948 Male Bachelors
Idaho (lower) Julie Ellsworth Republican 1961 Female Bachelors
Idaho (lower) George E Eskridge Republican 1943 Male Bachelors
Idaho (lower) Marc Gibbs Republican Male Bachelors
Idaho (lower) Jim Guthrie Republican
Idaho (lower) Marv Hagedorn Republican 1956 Male
Idaho (lower) Phil Hart Republican Male Masters
Idaho (lower) Stephen Hartgen Republican Male Doctorate
Idaho (lower) Richard J Harwood Republican 1947 Male Associate
Idaho (lower) Frank N Henderson Republican 1922 Male Some college
Idaho (lower) Elfreda Higgins Democratic Female Bachelors
Idaho (lower) Wendy S Jaquet Democratic 1943 Female Masters
Idaho (lower) William M Killen Democratic 1938 Male Law degree
Idaho (lower) Phylis K King Democratic 1946 Female Bachelors
Idaho (lower) Roy Lacey Democratic
Idaho (lower) Dennis M Lake Republican 1937 Male Bachelors
Idaho (lower) Thomas F Loertscher Republican 1944 Male Bachelors
Idaho (lower) Lynn M Luker Republican Male Law degree
Idaho (lower) Jim Marriott Republican Male Bachelors
Idaho (lower) Janice K Mcgeachin Republican Female Bachelors
Idaho (lower) Shannon C Mcmillan Republican 1960 Female Some college
Idaho (lower) Mike Moyle Republican Male
Chamber Member Party Born Gender Education
Idaho (lower) Jeff Nesset Republican
Idaho (lower) Milton Peter Nielsen Republican 1938 Male
Idaho (lower) Robert Paul Nonini Republican 1954 Male Some college
Idaho (lower) Joe A Palmer Republican Male Some college
Idaho (lower) James Patrick Republican 1945 Male Bachelors
Idaho (lower) Donna L Pence Democratic 1942 Female Masters
Idaho (lower) Christy Perry Republican
Idaho (lower) Dell Raybould Republican Male Associate
Idaho (lower) Shirley G Ringo Democratic 1940 Female Masters
Idaho (lower) Ken A Roberts Republican 1963 Male Some college
Idaho (lower) John M Rusche Democratic 1950 Male Doctorate
Idaho (lower) Robert E Schaefer Republican 1936 Male Bachelors
Idaho (lower) Paul E Shepherd Republican Male Some college
Idaho (lower) Mack G Shirley Republican 1933 Male Doctorate
Idaho (lower) Erik Simpson Republican Male Bachelors
Idaho (lower) Kathleen Sims Republican 1942 Female
Idaho (lower) Leon E Smith Republican 1937 Male Law degree
Idaho (lower) Elaine Smith Democratic Female
Idaho (lower) John A Stevenson Republican 1936 Male Associate
Idaho (lower) Pat Takasugi Republican Male Bachelors
Idaho (lower) Steven P Thayn Republican Male Bachelors
Idaho (lower) Jeffrey D Thompson Republican 1963 Male Masters
Chamber Member Party Born Gender Education
Idaho (lower) Thomas F Trail Republican 1935 Male Doctorate
Idaho (lower) John Vander Woude Republican Male High school
Idaho (lower) Richard A Wills Republican 1945 Male
Idaho (lower) Joan E Wood Republican 1934 Female High school
Idaho (lower) Fred Wood Republican Male

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