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List of legislators in Hawaii

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You can make this list smaller by viewing only the lower chamber or only the upper chamber.

This list of legislators is accurate as of February 2011. Click on a member's name to learn more about him or her.

Note that the "education" column below occasionally has errors. I wrote a program that attempted to read each legislator's educational history and code it into one of a few categories. The program worked well, but with occasional errors. You can see the full educational history for each legislator by clicking on his/her name.

Chamber Member Party Born Gender Education
Hawaii (lower) Henry James C Aquino Democratic 1977 Male Masters
Hawaii (lower) Karen Leinani Awana Democratic Female
Hawaii (upper) Rosalyn H Baker Democratic 1946 Female Bachelors
Hawaii (lower) Della Au Belatti Democratic 1974 Female Law degree
Hawaii (lower) Thomas M Brower Democratic Male Bachelors
Hawaii (lower) Rida T R Cabanilla Democratic 1952 Female Bachelors
Hawaii (lower) Diana Carroll Democratic Female Some college
Hawaii (lower) Jerry L Chang Democratic 1947 Male Bachelors
Hawaii (lower) Corinne Wei Lan Ching Republican 1961 Female Bachelors
Hawaii (lower) Pono Chong Democratic 1970 Male Bachelors
Hawaii (lower) Isaac W Choy Democratic Male Bachelors
Hawaii (upper) Suzanne Nyuk Jun Chun Oakland Democratic 1961 Female Bachelors
Hawaii (lower) Denny Coffman Democratic Male Bachelors
Hawaii (lower) Ty Diaz Cullen Democratic
Hawaii (upper) Donovan M Dela Cruz Democratic 1973 Bachelors
Hawaii (upper) Jamie Kalani English Democratic Male Masters
Hawaii (upper) William C Espero Democratic Male Bachelors
Hawaii (lower) Cynthia F W Evans Democratic 1952 Female Bachelors
Hawaii (lower) George R Fontaine Republican 1960 Male Associate
Hawaii (upper) Carol A Fukunaga Democratic 1947 Female Law degree
Hawaii (upper) Gerald M Gabbard Democratic 1948 Male Masters
Chamber Member Party Born Gender Education
Hawaii (upper) Brickwood M Galuteria Democratic Male
Hawaii (upper) Joshua B Green Democratic Male Doctorate
Hawaii (lower) Faye P Hanohano Democratic 1953 Female Masters
Hawaii (lower) Sharon E Har Democratic Female Law degree
Hawaii (lower) Mark Jun Hashem Democratic
Hawaii (upper) Clayton H W Hee Democratic 1953 Male Masters
Hawaii (lower) Robert N Herkes Democratic 1931 Male Bachelors
Hawaii (lower) Linda E Ichiyama Democratic
Hawaii (upper) David Y Ige Democratic 1957 Male Masters
Hawaii (upper) Les S Ihara Democratic 1951 Male Bachelors
Hawaii (lower) Ken Ito Democratic 1944 Male Bachelors
Hawaii (lower) Aaron Ling Johanson Republican
Hawaii (lower) Georgette Jordan Democratic Female
Hawaii (upper) Gilbert Kahele Democratic Male
Hawaii (lower) Gilbert S C Keith Agaran Democratic
Hawaii (upper) Michelle Kidani Democratic 1948 Female Bachelors
Hawaii (upper) Donna Mercado Kim Democratic Female Bachelors
Hawaii (upper) Ronald D Kouchi Democratic Male Some college
Hawaii (lower) Marilyn B Lee Democratic 1940 Female Bachelors
Hawaii (lower) Chris Kalani Lee Democratic Male
Hawaii (lower) Sylvia J Luke Democratic 1967 Female Law degree
Hawaii (lower) Joey Manahan Democratic Male Bachelors
Chamber Member Party Born Gender Education
Hawaii (lower) Barbara C Marumoto Republican 1939 Female Bachelors
Hawaii (lower) Angus L K Mckelvey Democratic 1968 Male Law degree
Hawaii (lower) John M Mizuno Democratic Male Law degree
Hawaii (lower) Daynette Morikawa Democratic
Hawaii (lower) Hermina M Morita Democratic 1954 Female Some college
Hawaii (lower) Mark M Nakashima Democratic 1963 Male Doctorate
Hawaii (upper) Clarence K Nishihara Democratic Male
Hawaii (lower) Scott Y Nishimoto Democratic Male Law degree
Hawaii (lower) Marcus R Oshiro Democratic 1959 Male Law degree
Hawaii (lower) Blake K Oshiro Democratic 1970 Male Law degree
Hawaii (lower) Kymberly N Pine Republican 1970 Female Bachelors
Hawaii (lower) Karl A Rhoads Democratic Male Law degree
Hawaii (lower) Gil Riviere Republican Male
Hawaii (upper) Pohai Ryan Democratic Female
Hawaii (lower) Scott K Saiki Democratic 1964 Male Law degree
Hawaii (lower) Calvin K Y Say Democratic 1952 Male Bachelors
Hawaii (upper) Maile S L Shimabukuro Democratic 1970 Female Law degree
Hawaii (upper) Samuel M Slom Republican 1942 Male Masters
Hawaii (upper) A Leiomalama Solomon Democratic 1951 Female Doctorate
Hawaii (lower) Joseph M Souki Democratic 1933 Male Bachelors
Hawaii (lower) K Mark Takai Democratic 1967 Male Bachelors
Hawaii (lower) Roy M Takumi Democratic 1952 Male Masters
Chamber Member Party Born Gender Education
Hawaii (upper) Brian T Taniguchi Democratic 1951 Male Law degree
Hawaii (lower) Cynthia Henry Thielen Republican 1933 Female Law degree
Hawaii (lower) James Kunane Tokioka Democratic Male
Hawaii (upper) Jill N Tokuda Democratic Female Bachelors
Hawaii (lower) Clifton K Tsuji Democratic 1941 Male Bachelors
Hawaii (upper) Shan S Tsutsui Democratic 1971 Male Bachelors
Hawaii (upper) Glenn S Wakai Democratic 1967 Male
Hawaii (lower) Gene R Ward Republican 1943 Male Doctorate
Hawaii (lower) Jessica E Wooley Democratic 1968 Female Law degree
Hawaii (lower) Ryan I Yamane Democratic 1969 Male Masters
Hawaii (lower) Kyle T Yamashita Democratic 1959 Male

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