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List of legislators in the Connecticut lower chamber

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This list of legislators is accurate as of February 2011. Click on a member's name to learn more about him or her.

Note that the "education" column below occasionally has errors. I wrote a program that attempted to read each legislator's educational history and code it into one of a few categories. The program worked well, but with occasional errors. You can see the full educational history for each legislator by clicking on his/her name.

Chamber Member Party Born Gender Education
Connecticut (lower) Catherine F Abercrombie Democratic Female
Connecticut (lower) Timothy J Ackert Republican Male
Connecticut (lower) Alfred C Adinolfi Republican 1934 Male Some college
Connecticut (lower) Mike Alberts Republican Male Masters
Connecticut (lower) David Aldarondo Democratic 1969 Male Bachelors
Connecticut (lower) Emil Altobello Democratic Male Some college
Connecticut (lower) Bill Aman Republican 1946 Male Masters
Connecticut (lower) Joe Aresimowicz Democratic Male Some college
Connecticut (lower) Andres Ayala Democratic Male Masters
Connecticut (lower) Penny Bacchiochi Republican Female Bachelors
Connecticut (lower) Terrance E Backer Democratic Male
Connecticut (lower) David Baram Democratic Male
Connecticut (lower) Brian Becker Democratic Law degree
Connecticut (lower) Jeffrey J Berger Democratic 1955 Male Bachelors
Connecticut (lower) Whitt Betts Republican
Connecticut (lower) Elizabeth A Boukus Democratic Female Masters
Connecticut (lower) Larry B Butler Democratic Male Some college
Connecticut (lower) Lawrence F Cafero Republican 1958 Male Law degree
Connecticut (lower) Alfred F Camillo Republican 1962 Male Masters
Connecticut (lower) Juan R Candelaria Democratic 1970 Male Some college
Connecticut (lower) Vincent J Candelora Republican Male Law degree
Chamber Member Party Born Gender Education
Connecticut (lower) Christie Carpino Republican
Connecticut (lower) Dan Carter Democratic Male Masters
Connecticut (lower) Clark J Chapin Republican Male Bachelors
Connecticut (lower) Charles Clemons Democratic Male Some college
Connecticut (lower) Michelle Cook Democratic 1970 Female Bachelors
Connecticut (lower) Christopher Coutu Republican 1976 Male Masters
Connecticut (lower) James M Crawford Democratic Male
Connecticut (lower) Anthony J D Amelio Republican 1964 Male Some college
Connecticut (lower) Stephen D Dargan Democratic 1955 Male Some college
Connecticut (lower) Paul Davis Democratic Male Bachelors
Connecticut (lower) Christopher Davis Republican
Connecticut (lower) Patricia A Dillon Democratic Female Masters
Connecticut (lower) Christopher G Donovan Democratic Male Masters
Connecticut (lower) Toni Edmonds Walker Democratic-NPL
Connecticut (lower) Louis P Esposito Democratic 1940 Male High school
Connecticut (lower) Kim Fawcett Democratic Female Masters
Connecticut (lower) Andrew M Fleischmann Democratic Male Masters
Connecticut (lower) Mae Flexer Democratic Bachelors
Connecticut (lower) Livvy R Floren Republican Female Masters
Connecticut (lower) Gerald M Fox Democratic 1966 Male Law degree
Connecticut (lower) John H Frey Republican Male Some college
Connecticut (lower) Mary G Fritz Democratic Female Bachelors
Chamber Member Party Born Gender Education
Connecticut (lower) Henry Genga Democratic Male Masters
Connecticut (lower) Linda Menna Gentile Democratic Female
Connecticut (lower) Lile R Gibbons Republican Female Bachelors
Connecticut (lower) Janice R Giegler Republican Female Bachelors
Connecticut (lower) Marilyn Giuliano Republican 1953 Female Masters
Connecticut (lower) Robert Godfrey Democratic 1948 Male Law degree
Connecticut (lower) Minnie Gonzalez Democratic Female High school
Connecticut (lower) Leonard C Greene Republican Male Bachelors
Connecticut (lower) Auden Grogins Democratic Law degree
Connecticut (lower) Antonio Guerrera Democratic Male Bachelors
Connecticut (lower) Gregory Haddad Democratic
Connecticut (lower) Gail K Hamm Democratic 1951 Female Law degree
Connecticut (lower) John F Hennessy Democratic 1951 Male Bachelors
Connecticut (lower) John W Hetherington Republican 1938 Male Law degree
Connecticut (lower) Ernest Hewett Democratic Male High school
Connecticut (lower) Gary Holder Winfield Democratic 1974 Male Bachelors
Connecticut (lower) Debra Lee Hovey Republican 1954 Female Masters
Connecticut (lower) Laura R Hoydick Republican Female Bachelors
Connecticut (lower) Bryan Hurlburt Democratic 1979 Male Bachelors
Connecticut (lower) Tony Hwang Republican Male Bachelors
Connecticut (lower) Claire L Janowski Democratic Female Bachelors
Connecticut (lower) Susan Johnson Democratic Female Law degree
Chamber Member Party Born Gender Education
Connecticut (lower) Ed Jutila Democratic Male Law degree
Connecticut (lower) David Kiner Democratic
Connecticut (lower) Marie Lopez Kirkley Bey Democratic 1941 Female High school
Connecticut (lower) Themis Klarides Republican Female Law degree
Connecticut (lower) Brenda L Kupchick Republican 1964 Female Some college
Connecticut (lower) David K Labriola Republican 1960 Male Law degree
Connecticut (lower) Timothy D Larson Democratic Male Bachelors
Connecticut (lower) Gail Lavielle Republican Female Masters
Connecticut (lower) Timothy Legeyt Republican Male Law degree
Connecticut (lower) Roland J Lemar Democratic 1976 Male Bachelors
Connecticut (lower) Carlo Leone Democratic Male Masters
Connecticut (lower) Matthew Lesser Democratic Male Some college
Connecticut (lower) Geoff Luxenberg Democratic
Connecticut (lower) Christopher Brennan Lyddy Democratic Male Masters
Connecticut (lower) Douglas Mccrory Democratic Male Masters
Connecticut (lower) Robert W Megna Democratic 1958 Male Bachelors
Connecticut (lower) Steven T Mikutel Democratic 1950 Male Masters
Connecticut (lower) Lawrence G Miller Republican 1936 Male Bachelors
Connecticut (lower) Patricia Billie Miller Democratic Female Bachelors
Connecticut (lower) Craig A Miner Republican Male Some college
Connecticut (lower) Michael L Molgano Republican
Connecticut (lower) Russell A Morin Democratic Male Some college
Chamber Member Party Born Gender Education
Connecticut (lower) Bruce V Morris Democratic Male Some college
Connecticut (lower) Edward E Moukawsher Democratic Male Law degree
Connecticut (lower) Mary M Mushinsky Democratic 1951 Female Masters
Connecticut (lower) Sandra Helen Nafis Democratic 1955 Female Some college
Connecticut (lower) Vickie Orsini Nardello Democratic 1954 Female Masters
Connecticut (lower) Frank N Nicastro Democratic Male
Connecticut (lower) Selim G Noujaim Republican Male Masters
Connecticut (lower) Timothy E O Brien Democratic 1968 Male Some college
Connecticut (lower) Elaine C O Brien Democratic 1955 Female
Connecticut (lower) Arthur J O Neill Republican 1952 Male Law degree
Connecticut (lower) Melissa Olson Democratic Female Law degree
Connecticut (lower) Linda A Orange Democratic Female Associate
Connecticut (lower) Jason Perillo Republican Male Masters
Connecticut (lower) Chris Perone Democratic Male Bachelors
Connecticut (lower) John E Piscopo Republican 1955 Male Bachelors
Connecticut (lower) Rosa C Rebimbas Republican Female Law degree
Connecticut (lower) Lonnie Reed Democratic Female
Connecticut (lower) Tom Reynolds Democratic 1967 Male Masters
Connecticut (lower) John B Rigby Republican Male Bachelors
Connecticut (lower) Elizabeth Betsy Ritter Democratic 1951 Female Masters
Connecticut (lower) Matthew D Ritter Democratic Male Law degree
Connecticut (lower) Hector Luis Robles Democratic Male High school
Chamber Member Party Born Gender Education
Connecticut (lower) Jason Rojas Democratic Male Bachelors
Connecticut (lower) Kelvin Roldan Democratic Male Masters
Connecticut (lower) Kim Rose Democratic
Connecticut (lower) Daniel S Rovero Democratic
Connecticut (lower) T R Rowe Republican 1969 Male Law degree
Connecticut (lower) Richard F Roy Democratic 1942 Male Associate
Connecticut (lower) Kevin Ryan Democratic 1952 Male Doctorate
Connecticut (lower) Robert C Sampson Republican 1969 Male Some college
Connecticut (lower) Ezequiel Santiago Democratic Male Associate
Connecticut (lower) Pamela Z Sawyer Republican Female Bachelors
Connecticut (lower) Peggy Sayers Democratic Female Masters
Connecticut (lower) Linda Schofield Democratic Female Masters
Connecticut (lower) David A Scribner Republican 1957 Male Some college
Connecticut (lower) Joseph C Serra Democratic Male Bachelors
Connecticut (lower) John J Shaban Republican
Connecticut (lower) Brendan Sharkey Democratic 1962 Male Law degree
Connecticut (lower) Bill Simanski Republican 1948 Male Bachelors
Connecticut (lower) Richard A Smith Republican
Connecticut (lower) Prasad Srinivasan Republican
Connecticut (lower) Jonathan Steinberg Democratic
Connecticut (lower) Joseph J Taborsak Democratic 1975 Male Law degree
Connecticut (lower) Kathleen M Tallarita Democratic Female Bachelors
Chamber Member Party Born Gender Education
Connecticut (lower) Peter A Tercyak Democratic 1954 Male Bachelors
Connecticut (lower) John W Thompson Democratic 1932 Male Masters
Connecticut (lower) William Tong Democratic 1973 Male Law degree
Connecticut (lower) Diana S Urban Democratic Female Masters
Connecticut (lower) Peter F Villano Democratic Male Bachelors
Connecticut (lower) William A Wadsworth Republican Bachelors
Connecticut (lower) Patricia M Widlitz Democratic 1945 Female Bachelors
Connecticut (lower) Sean Williams Republican 1981 Male Some college
Connecticut (lower) Roberta B Willis Democratic 1951 Female Bachelors
Connecticut (lower) Terrie E Wood Republican Female
Connecticut (lower) Elissa T Wright Democratic 1946 Female Law degree
Connecticut (lower) Christopher A Wright Democratic Male
Connecticut (lower) Dave Yaccarino Republican
Connecticut (lower) Bruce P Zalaski Democratic 1959 Male Associate

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