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List of legislators in Arkansas

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You can make this list smaller by viewing only the lower chamber or only the upper chamber.

This list of legislators is accurate as of February 2011. Click on a member's name to learn more about him or her.

Note that the "education" column below occasionally has errors. I wrote a program that attempted to read each legislator's educational history and code it into one of a few categories. The program worked well, but with occasional errors. You can see the full educational history for each legislator by clicking on his/her name.

Chamber Member Party Born Gender Education
Arkansas (lower) Fred Allen Democratic Male
Arkansas (lower) Tommy Lee Baker Democratic Male
Arkansas (upper) Paul Bookout Democratic 1962 Male Bachelors
Arkansas (lower) Toni C Bradford Democratic 1942 Female Bachelors
Arkansas (lower) Jerry Brown Democratic Male
Arkansas (upper) David Burnett Democratic Male Law degree
Arkansas (lower) John Catlett Democratic Male Bachelors
Arkansas (lower) Eddie L Cheatham Democratic Male
Arkansas (upper) Linda Pondexter Chesterfield Democratic Female
Arkansas (lower) Linda Collins Smith Democratic Female
Arkansas (lower) Larry Cowling Democratic Male
Arkansas (upper) Jack Crumbly Democratic Male
Arkansas (lower) Jody Dickinson Democratic
Arkansas (lower) John C Edwards Democratic Male
Arkansas (lower) Efrem Elliott Democratic Male Bachelors
Arkansas (upper) Joyce Elliott Democratic 1951 Female Masters
Arkansas (lower) David Fielding Democratic Male
Arkansas (upper) Mike Fletcher Democratic
Arkansas (upper) Stephanie Flowers Democratic Female
Arkansas (lower) Billy W Gaskill Democratic Male
Arkansas (lower) Clark M Hall Democratic Male
Chamber Member Party Born Gender Education
Arkansas (upper) Steve Harrelson Democratic 1974 Male Law degree
Arkansas (lower) Barry Hyde Democratic Male
Arkansas (lower) Keith M Ingram Democratic Male
Arkansas (upper) Jimmy L Jeffress Democratic 1947 Male Masters
Arkansas (upper) Harmon Jeffress Democratic 1948 Male Bachelors
Arkansas (upper) David Johnson Democratic Male
Arkansas (lower) Sheilla E Lampkin Democratic Female
Arkansas (upper) Randy Laverty Democratic 1953 Male
Arkansas (lower) Greg Leding Democratic
Arkansas (lower) Homer Lenderman Democratic Male Bachelors
Arkansas (lower) Uvalde Lindsey Democratic Male
Arkansas (lower) Fredrick J Love Democratic Male Masters
Arkansas (lower) Larry D Lovell Democratic Male
Arkansas (upper) James Charles Luker Democratic 1942 Male
Arkansas (upper) Sue Wood Madison Democratic 1948 Female Masters
Arkansas (upper) W Percy Malone Democratic 1942 Male
Arkansas (lower) Walls Mccrary Democratic Male
Arkansas (lower) James Mclean Democratic Male
Arkansas (lower) Robert Smith Moore Democratic 1945 Male Law degree
Arkansas (lower) Reginald Murdock Democratic Male
Arkansas (lower) Jim Nickels Democratic 1947 Male Law degree
Arkansas (lower) Betty Overbey Democratic Female
Chamber Member Party Born Gender Education
Arkansas (lower) Mike Patterson Democratic Male
Arkansas (lower) Tracy Pennartz Democratic Female Masters
Arkansas (lower) Mark W Perry Democratic Male
Arkansas (lower) Bobby Joe Pierce Democratic Male
Arkansas (lower) Leslee Milam Post Democratic Female
Arkansas (lower) David Powers Democratic Male
Arkansas (lower) James Ratliff Democratic Male
Arkansas (lower) Johnnie J Roebuck Democratic 1942 Female Doctorate
Arkansas (lower) Tiffany Rogers Democratic Female
Arkansas (upper) Mary Anne Salmon Democratic 1939 Female Bachelors
Arkansas (lower) Garry L Smith Democratic 1951 Male Masters
Arkansas (lower) Nate Steel Democratic Male Law degree
Arkansas (lower) Tracy Steele Democratic Male Bachelors
Arkansas (lower) Randy W Stewart Democratic 1951 Male Masters
Arkansas (upper) Jerry Taylor Democratic 1937 Male High school
Arkansas (upper) Larry R Teague Democratic Male Some college
Arkansas (lower) Tommy Thompson Democratic Male
Arkansas (upper) Robert Thompson Democratic Male Law degree
Arkansas (lower) Linda S Tyler Democratic Female Bachelors
Arkansas (lower) John T Vines Democratic Male Law degree
Arkansas (lower) Charolette Wagner Democratic 1946 Female Masters
Arkansas (lower) John W Walker Democratic Male
Chamber Member Party Born Gender Education
Arkansas (lower) Jeff R Wardlaw Democratic Male Bachelors
Arkansas (lower) Kathy Webb Democratic Female Bachelors
Arkansas (lower) Henry Wilkins Democratic 1954 Male Doctorate
Arkansas (lower) Butch Wilkins Democratic
Arkansas (lower) Darrin Lavell Williams Democratic Male Law degree
Arkansas (lower) James L Word Democratic Male
Arkansas (lower) Tommy Wren Democratic Male
Arkansas (lower) Marshall Wright Democratic Male Law degree
Arkansas (upper) David Wayne Wyatt Democratic Male
Arkansas (lower) Robert Dennis Altes Republican 1948 Male Bachelors
Arkansas (lower) Duncan Baird Republican Male
Arkansas (upper) Gilbert R Baker Republican 1956 Male Bachelors
Arkansas (lower) Jonathan D Barnett Republican Male
Arkansas (lower) Jerry Nathan Bell Republican 1969 Male
Arkansas (lower) Lori A Benedict Republican Female High school
Arkansas (lower) Mark Biviano Republican Male Bachelors
Arkansas (upper) Cecile H Bledsoe Republican 1944 Female Bachelors
Arkansas (lower) David L Branscum Republican
Arkansas (lower) John Burris Republican
Arkansas (lower) Les Carnine Republican Male
Arkansas (lower) Davy Carter Republican 1975 Male Law degree
Arkansas (lower) Ann V Clemmer Republican 1958 Female
Chamber Member Party Born Gender Education
Arkansas (lower) Charles S Collins Republican 1962 Male Masters
Arkansas (lower) Robert E Dale Republican
Arkansas (lower) Gary Deffenbaugh Republican Male
Arkansas (upper) Jonathan Dismang Republican 1979 Male Bachelors
Arkansas (lower) Elizabeth Jane English Republican 1940 Female Bachelors
Arkansas (lower) Jon S Eubanks Republican
Arkansas (upper) Jake Carter Files Republican 1972 Male Bachelors
Arkansas (lower) Ed Garner Republican Male Bachelors
Arkansas (lower) Jeremy Gillam Republican 1976 Male Bachelors
Arkansas (lower) Kim D Hammer Republican Male
Arkansas (lower) Justin T Harris Republican
Arkansas (upper) Kim D Hendren Republican 1938 Male Bachelors
Arkansas (lower) Mary P Hickerson Republican Female
Arkansas (lower) Debra M Hobbs Republican 1955 Female Masters
Arkansas (upper) F Bruce Holland Republican 1968 Male
Arkansas (lower) Karen S Hopper Republican Female Bachelors
Arkansas (lower) Jon M Hubbard Republican 1946 Male
Arkansas (lower) Donna Hutchinson Republican Female Masters
Arkansas (upper) Jeremy Young Hutchinson Republican 1974 Male Law degree
Arkansas (upper) Missy Thomas Irvin Republican 1971 Female Bachelors
Arkansas (lower) Lane Jean Republican Male Bachelors
Arkansas (lower) Josh Johnston Republican 1974 Male High school
Chamber Member Party Born Gender Education
Arkansas (lower) Allen W Kerr Republican 1956 Male
Arkansas (upper) Johnny R Key Republican 1968 Male Bachelors
Arkansas (lower) Bryan B King Republican Male
Arkansas (upper) Michael John Lamoureux Republican 1976 Male Law degree
Arkansas (lower) Andrea Lea Republican Female Bachelors
Arkansas (lower) Kelley Linck Republican Male Bachelors
Arkansas (lower) Stephanie Malone Republican 1978 Female Bachelors
Arkansas (lower) Loy Mauch Republican Male
Arkansas (lower) Andy Mayberry Republican 1970 Male Bachelors
Arkansas (lower) David M Meeks Republican Male Bachelors
Arkansas (lower) Stephen A Meeks Republican 1970 Male Associate
Arkansas (upper) Bill Pritchard Republican Male
Arkansas (upper) Jason Rapert Republican Male Bachelors
Arkansas (lower) Terry Rice Republican Male
Arkansas (upper) Bill Sample Republican 1946 Male Some college
Arkansas (lower) David J Sanders Republican Male Bachelors
Arkansas (lower) Matthew Shepherd Republican Male Law degree
Arkansas (lower) Mary L Slinkard Republican
Arkansas (lower) Gary Stubblefield Republican Male
Arkansas (lower) Tim Summers Republican
Arkansas (lower) Bruce Westerman Republican 1967 Male Bachelors
Arkansas (upper) Ruth R Whitaker Republican 1936 Female Bachelors
Chamber Member Party Born Gender Education
Arkansas (upper) Eddie Joe Williams Republican 1954 Male
Arkansas (lower) Jon Woods Republican 1977 Male Bachelors

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