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The USA has 50 states. Each state has its own legislature, a local version of Congress. Nebraska has a one-chamber (unicameral) legislature; the other 49 states have a two-chamber (bicameral) legislature. That adds up to 99 state legislative chambers, with a total of over 7,000 legislators serving in them. (Note that "legislature" is the organization and "legislator" is the person serving there.)

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About this page

As part of a research project, I collected data about all of those legislators in Feb 2011. As time goes by, this information will gradually become outdated. But the data I compiled is far too interesting to leave it sitting in a database on my computer. So here it is, publicly available for your edification.

If all you want is a list of state legislators, well, there you go.

Acknowledgements: Much of the information presented here was originally collected by Project Vote Smart, although I have modified, updated, and added to the data as needed.