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Poli 110 (winter 2021)

Lecture slides are for course use only. Please do not post them on any other website. I often tweak the slides in the morning as I prepare for class, so I do not recommend downloading slides before class begins.

File Size
lecture-01-introduction.pdf 1.7 MB
lecture-02-logic-of-politics.pdf 2.3 MB
lecture-03-the-constitution.pdf 1.6 MB
lecture-04-federalism-and-centralization.pdf 0.7 MB
lecture-05-civil-rights.pdf 6.8 MB
lecture-06-civil-liberties.pdf 0.3 MB
lecture-07-religious-liberty.pdf 0.9 MB
lecture-11-how-voters-decide.pdf 3.7 MB
lecture-12-public-opinion-polling.pdf 1.4 MB
lecture-13-turnout-and-engagement.pdf 1.3 MB
lecture-14-political-parties.pdf 4.2 MB
lecture-15-interest-groups.pdf 0.4 MB
lecture-21-intro-to-congress.pdf 1.2 MB
lecture-22-elections-and-representation.pdf 1.3 MB
lecture-23-legislating.pdf 1.4 MB
lecture-24-the-presidency.pdf 3.3 MB
lecture-25-the-bureaucracy.pdf 1.0 MB
lecture-26-the-judiciary.pdf 1.6 MB
lecture-27-crime-and-punishment.pdf 1.0 MB
lecture-28-what-have-we-learned.pdf 1.1 MB