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Syllabus reading load

Poli 110 (fall 2018)

With good planning, you can avoid feeling overwhelmed by the occasional heavy reading day. The chart below can help. Clicking on a date will take you to the relevant entry in the syllabus so that you know what specifically to read.

  • The thin red line marks the average reading load (23.5 pages per lecture)
  • The thin green line marks the median reading load (25 pages per lecture)
  • Each blue bar represents the day's reading load relative to the busiest reading day
  • Assignment due dates are highlighted in red
Lecture date Pages
Tue, Sep 4th 36
Thu, Sep 6th 24
Tue, Sep 11th 46
Thu, Sep 13th 40
Tue, Sep 18th 0
Thu, Sep 20th 38
Tue, Sep 25th 31
Thu, Sep 27th 26
Fri, Sep 28th 0
Tue, Oct 2nd 30
Thu, Oct 4th 0
Tue, Oct 9th 30
Thu, Oct 11th 25
Tue, Oct 16th 17
Thu, Oct 18th 31
Tue, Oct 23rd 32
Thu, Oct 25th 20
Fri, Oct 26th 0
Sat, Oct 27th 0
Tue, Oct 30th 32
Thu, Nov 1st 0
Tue, Nov 6th 43
Thu, Nov 8th 34
Tue, Nov 13th 30
Thu, Nov 15th 38
Tue, Nov 20th 0
Thu, Nov 22nd 0
Tue, Nov 27th 21
Thu, Nov 29th 34
Tue, Dec 4th 0
Thu, Dec 6th 18
Tue, Dec 11th 41
Wed, Dec 12th 0
Thu, Dec 13th 13
Thu, Dec 20th 0