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Category Archives: KB Gradebook

KB Gradebook help

Kyle Jones created a very helpful video tutorial explaining how to use KB Gradebook and demonstrating its features. Check it out. I haven’t updated this plugin since releasing it some time ago. The reason is simple: I no longer use WordPress for course websites. Instead, I use a custom syllabus editor that I wrote, with [...]

KB Gradebook v1.0

Announcing the completely reinvented KB Gradebook 1.0, a dramatic improvement over v0.1.3! I’ve completely rewritten KB Gradebook. The biggest change: You can now upload CSV files containing grade data. That makes the uploading process much, much faster and more convenient. Plus, there are now fewer steps involved in updating the grading information. If you are [...]

KB Gradebook

Teachers and professors using WordPress to manage your course websites: Learn about KB Gradebook. And if you’re patient (as in, please wait several months), you might even get to try out KB Coursepress, which is a complete package for giving assignments and managing courses using WordPress. I’m hoping to have it done in time for [...]