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Category Archives: KB Easy PicasaWeb

KB Easy PicasaWeb v1.3

New features: Better CSS styling options, private PicasaWeb albums, preview only the first few photos in an album, etc. Enjoy .

Updated: KB Easy Picasaweb

v1.2.2 has some minor fixes: First: Some cosmetic changes to make the admin screen look a little better in WP 2.7. Second: The plugin now recognizes any google domain (e.g. google.dk, google.co.uk), not just google.com. You complain, I listen. Eventually.

New Features in KB Easy PicasaWeb

If you download KB Easy PicasaWeb v1.2 , you’ll find several new display options. These updates come in response to user feedback. Choose whether to link images to their fullsize version at PicasaWeb Display photos in one or two columns Choose whether to display captions Choose whether to link album titles to PicasaWeb Enjoy.

Another update to KB PicasaWeb

I just uploaded v1.11, a quick update to the plugin. It doesn’t include all the feature requests folks have made, but it does make the plugin more robust on servers that have allow_url_fopen turned off. If you got a warning like Warning: file_get_contents(): URL file-access is disabled... the first time you tried this plugin, try [...]

Updating KB Easy PicasaWeb

As of version 1.1 of the plugin (available today), you no longer need PHP 5. Get it here .

Announcing KB Easy PicasaWeb

Announcing KB Easy PicasaWeb, a new plugin for WordPress and WPMU, the simplest way to display a Picasa album inside a page or post. Just put a link to your album in a post; this plugin does the rest.