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KB Countdown Widget v3.1

A major change: You can now use iCal data (think Google Calendar) with the widget. When a date has passed, it disappears from the widget and gets replaced by the next one in line. How cool is that? Download it here . You can post support questions if you want. iCal parsing is done by [...]

KB Countdown v3.0

Completely rewritten using PHP 5 objects. This doesn’t change much for you if you use it as a widget as far as appearance goes, although it should run more efficiently now (i.e. faster). From a developer’s perspective, it’s now going to be MUCH easier to use in template files, or to reference it from another [...]

KB Countdown v2.3.3

It’s now available for download here . If you upgraded WordPress but didn’t upgrade the widget, please don’t post saying that the widget doesn’t work. If you’re looking for instructions, check here. Okay. You can ask support questions here.

KB Countdown v1.6


KB Countdown update

Version 1.5 is out. Get it from the WordPress.org plugins repository . New features: Easy to localize (for non-English sites) Can now handle dates before 1970 or after 2038, even if your server is a bit outdated. Better processing of TIME_SINCE and TIME_UNTIL. As always, look for samples in the sidebar.

KB Countdown is ready

New widget available: KB Countdown. You give it a start date and/or an end date. It tells your visitors how many years, months, and days remain until the end date (or have passed since the start date). If you specify both dates, you can also include a bargraph showing what percent of the time has [...]