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New Plugin: KB New Posts

Introducing KB New Posts, a plugin inspired by this support thread .

What it does

When somebody visits your blog’s main page, the plugin sets a cookie recording the time of their visit. If they come back a few days later, and you’ve written a new post (or many new posts) since their last visit, the plugin adds a CSS class to the new posts so that you can highlight them, or add a background image, or change the font size, or whatever you want to do to new posts.

How to use it

  1. Download the plugin (scroll down for the link). Unzip it. Upload the entire kb-new-posts folder to your plugins folder. Activate the plugin.
  2. Visit your blog’s main page (so the plugin can set the cookie in your browser).
  3. Write a new post.
  4. Visit your blog’s main page. Admire the formatting on the newest post. (The font size will be slightly larger, and there will be a hokey background image.)

You’ll probably want to customize the CSS that gets applied to new posts. Read through the readme file for instructions.


Here you go: KB New Posts, v 0.1